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The Karma You Will Receive in 2020 Based on Your Zodiac Sign


The Karma You Will Receive in 2020 Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It is important to know what this New Year holds in store for us. It does bring a lot of changes and new opportunities into our lives, but are we strong enough to get through these changes?

The New Year is bringing both troubles and novelties into your life.

Be aware and check out how this New Year will be treating each of us:


Due to the lunar eclipse on January 10-11th, you will enter into a state of calm and peace. Look within and you might find the inner peace you have been looking for. Continue to check the stars for information, because they will point out the time when you should make some changes in your life.


There will be many changes coming your way due to the Planet Uranus. Your partner may become a bit moody and that will be mean trouble for your relationship, making it a bit unsteady for the moment. However, the Solar Eclipse on the 4–5th of July is going to bring balance back into your life.

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Life moves at a really fast pace and it’s going to stress you out. You don’t know if you could catch up. Find some solution to deal with your stress. If you are thinking about your past, it’s fine – you might have an old friend come across you during this season.


This might be the best time of your life. You will feel accomplished and there are some positive changes coming your way. The Solar Eclipse on 4-5th of July will bring balance in your life. Be optimistic and don’t get too greedy.


2020 may begin with a bit of unease. Don’t worry so much because 2020 brings promise for you – whatever you hope to get from this year will come to you. Just be patient.


There will be change, but don’t get troubled. Before, the changes in your life had upset your entire situation but, this time, it will be positive. There is a chance of a new relationship to enter or you might revive an older one. The holidays will be amazing for you but don’t become a glutton.


This year brings some much needed solution to your love life. Be patient and keep working on your relationship to recover it. You will find some inner peace. However, there will be a bit of disruption in work or school, especially with authorities. 


Sudden changes at the beginning of the year will bewilder you and make you feel like you can’t maintain a great relationship with the changes anymore. But keep at it, and by the end of the year, you will figure out how to deal with the changes and conquer them. Always keep optimism on your side and dash forward. Make this year one of your best ones!


This year you might be able to relax better. You have many ideas and it is now that you can properly pitch them and see them getting implanted. You can easily get the success that you need. You can even achieve the goals that you had in your mind the past year, but all you need is to keep your expectations reasonable.


There might be a relationship that is coming your way in 2020. If you are already in a relationship then this year is bringing you a whole lot of confidence. This confidence is attractive and useful – it will help you strengthen the existing relationship you are in. However, your life is moving at a tremendous pace and it might be overwhelming. Just make sure to ground yourself and control your emotions well.


Impulsive actions do not always bear good fruit. This year, you might naturally find yourself inclined to perform some impulsive actions and it won’t turn to your favor in any way. You might feel trapped and want to escape from your chains as soon as possible. However, all this turmoil will slowly loosen up by the time the summer of 2020 arrives. After that, you will find success in your advances. Try to enjoy the warmth of your family.


Self-expression will be yours this year. You have an open-mind and that is what enables you to understand when opportunities arrive in your way. There will be a promotion or a new job opportunity, which will change your life completely. But even with all these changes, you won’t be overwhelmed and can have a lovely 2020.

2020 is bringing a lot of changes, but on the whole, it can actually be a wonderful year for every one of us. Just keep yourself strong and embrace the changes. Work on yourself and have a lovely year ahead.

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