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The Family Pit Bull Jumped Over The 5-Year-Old Girl In The Pool And Bit Her Hand

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The Family Pit Bull Jumped Over The 5-Year-Old Girl In The Pool And Bit Her Hand

A terrible tragedy befell an Alabama family.

It all began one warm summer day when Linda and her daughter Maggie, then 5 years old, were enjoying some pool time in their backyard.

They had been in the water for several hours before emerging. Maggie played with her dolls in the shade as her mother tanned on a sunbed.

Linda walked into the kitchen to get some meal ready for Maggie. She didn’t give the future any thought, not even in her wildest nightmares.

Maggie tripped and fell into the pool after attempting to retrieve a toy she had dropped in the water.

The girl, who obviously cannot swim, began yelling, but her mother was oblivious.

Copper, the family pit bull, ran in full speed and leaped into the pool as the mother returned from inside.

He took Maggie’s hand and they went for a swim. In a panic, Linda sprinted to the rescue, rescuing the young girl from the water.

Maggie was bloated from drinking so much water, yet she was still alert. As soon as Linda dialed 911, responders were on the way.

Little Maggie was given first assistance by the doctors, and they determined that she was in no immediate danger.

Linda remembers that moment with horror: “I was only 5 minutes away, I knew Maggie was playing quietly with the toys, so I went to the kitchen to make her a sandwich. I didn’t hear her scream, but I heard the bang in the water when Cooper jumped to save her. Thank God Cooper was there and managed to save Maggie. He is an extraordinary dog ​​and we love him just like our children.”

Cooper’s distaste for the pool and water was the biggest shock to Linda.

“He’s afraid of water, and no matter how hard we try to get him used to it, Cooper has always refused to come into the pool with us,” said Linda.

Cooper’s phobia of water vanished when he saw Maggie in danger, and he leaped in without hesitation to save her.

Again, a pit bull disproves the false stereotypes perpetuated by some people and the media. In terms of love and loyalty, pit bulls are unparalleled.

These types of reports are sadly absent from the media.

Thank you for becoming a hero, Cooper.

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