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The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With Someone Who Does These 13 Things


The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With Someone Who Does These 13 Things

Never underestimate the influence of someone with whom you are planning to share your life with. Your relationship plays an important part in your life and so does your partner. Of course, you can’t absolutely be sure about another human being but these are the few things you should check in a person before you emotionally invest yourself in someone.

1. Be with someone who gives you their attention

Attention is one of the best gifts your partner can give. It not only means that they are interested in knowing about you but it also means that they care about what’s happening in your life. These little things matter.

2. Someone that never forgets to give you compliments

One of the most important key points in a good relationship is to behave like you both are still trying to win each other so that you never lose one another. Be with someone who compliments you and makes you feel like the only one who deserves his attention in a room full of people.

3. Someone who allows you to see their weaknesses

“I trust you and that’s more important than me loving you.”

Be with someone who feels like home; warm and carefree. Someone you can be vulnerable in front of and someone who can be their true self in front of you. Your partner should be someone who is allowed to see your weakness because you can trust them with it knowing they won’t use it against you and they should not be afraid to trust you with theirs. Your partner should never hide his vulnerabilities and their feelings from you.

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4. Someone that puts in effort

Be with someone who is willing to invest equally as much as you are. It’s really difficult to maintain a relationship when two people aren’t on the same page. Your partner should be constantly willing to put in efforts in the relationship.

5. Someone who is proud to be seen with you

This life is too short to be with someone who isn’t proud of you. Be with someone who celebrates you both in private and in public. Understand the difference between privacy and secrecy. It’s good to keep your relationship private but do not be with someone who keeps you as a secret in their life. You deserve to be shown off to the world.

6. Someone who can handle conflicts

Be with someone who understands the value of communication. Not someone who is going to walk out of the house just because a bulb fuses out. Your partner should be able to talk about his feelings and be willing to listen to yours.

7. Someone that takes good care of you

It’s good to be a strong individual but sometimes we need someone in front of whom we can rest our crown. They should love you on your bad days just as much as they love you on your good days. They should always be willing to take care of you.

8. Someone who you have fun with

This does not mean that they constantly need to entertain you but being around them is simply fun. Even if you aren’t doing anything extraordinary, just going with them for breakfast should bring a smile on your face and is a good time.

9. Someone who embraces your uniqueness 

We all want someone with whom we can wear a unicorn cap on the streets. Your partner should love you for exactly who you are. It’s not necessary that both of you will agree on one thing always but this shouldn’t tempt him to change who you are as a person.

10. Someone who is committed to you and your relationship

My mother once told me that love is a wild feeling. It tends to fluctuate over time. We should be with someone who will get back home every night with the same loyalty even after they leave home after a huge fight. Love someone whose loyalty isn’t dependent on circumstances.

11. Someone that goes out of his way for you

Be with someone who will give 6 on days when you aren’t able to give more than a 4, just to make a complete 10. Actions speak louder than words. It’s not the size of the gift that matter; it’s the effort they give in, the thought, and the fact that they remembered the important day. Sometimes a fancy dinner can’t do what playing video games together can. Sometimes a Harry Potter marathon can do more wonders than a diamond ring. Price isn’t necessary. Efforts are.

12. Someone that simply loves you and adores you

You can be with the most handsome person who gets you everything you ever wished for. He will give you his time and efforts, but if it doesn’t feel like love, then maybe it isn’t. Be with someone whose eyes radiate love for you. You should be able to feel their warmth even when they aren’t around. Send the same love back too. Trust me, it’s worth everything.

13. Someone that makes you be excited about the future

Nobody wants to be with someone who isn’t seeing you as a part of their future. If their future plans still have more of ‘me’ instead of ‘we’, then I guess you should give it a good thought.

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