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10 Characteristics That Separate Truly Genuine People from the Rest of the Crowd


10 Characteristics That Separate Truly Genuine People from the Rest of the Crowd

Genuine people are the rarest of migratory birds that you can find in today’s day and age. Of course they are misfits and wallflowers brooding in the corner of a room because the majority of the people around are, let’s face it, fake and pretentious.

They are the greatest friends you can find and keep because like the proverbial, being with them makes you a better version of yourself. Being with them will give you the right kind of criticism and motivation you need to get the job you have at hand done.

Also, they are helpful and can put others’ interests before their own. They are hence the biggest team players too, always handy for a corporate setup.

So let’s discuss some of the things that make such people what they are and how you can identify them.

1. They don’t draw facile judgments

They understand that different people come from different backgrounds, contexts and lives in general. It is never fair to judge everyone according to the same standards.  As a result, they take a lot of time to form an impression when they meet someone new. This is because they get to know the person better before doing so, fair and square. They don’t like judging others and they shouldn’t be judged as well.

2. If they do something wrong, they admit it

They find it not shameful at all to apologize. This is because it is only after admitting that you are wrong that you can correct yourself. It is only after understanding what you have been doing wrong can you improve and grow. They always take responsibility for their own actions.

3. Life is a learning curve for them

They never give up. Instead, they learn from every little failure they face. Herman Melville once said, “Whatever fortune brings, don’t be afraid to do things.”. Genuine people live by those words. They are never afraid of trying new things just because there are risks involved. You can always learn something new from everything you do.

4. They are not conceited

When the situation demands oratory, depend on these people. They will make sure they make themselves heard, no matter how little the minority to which they belong is. They will always rise to the occasion, whenever the occasion demands it of them. They always mean whatever they say, be it something non-serious or something grave and solemn. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind and they wish others would do it too.

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5. They are articulate

They know how to make a point, because they have very well-thought out plans in their heads. They don’t make stuff up on the spot to sound smart. They ARE smart. They think beforehand and chalk out well defined clear-cut plans before getting to talk about them. They aren’t afraid to express themselves.

6. They hate negativity

If they were a German philosopher, they would be named Immanuel Can, and not Immanuel Kant. Jokes apart, they can let go of pretentiously negative people with the utmost ease. They believe in infinite human potential and believe that with the right push everything is possible. As a result, when they are friends with you, be sure to get the job you have been given done and expect immense positivity which is infectious.

7. Unlike the proverbial doctor, they taste their own medicine first

Self-explanatory: They follow up on their own advice before advising others to do the same. They would rather jump off a cliff first than ask others to do it before them.

8. They aren’t complaining

If I have to put it the way Rudy Francisco put it, they don’t argue if the glass if half-full or half-empty. Instead, if they find water in a cup, they stop complaining and drink it.

That’s it.

9. They don’t change to please the crowd

Instead, they change when they believe there is room for improvement and growth. And because they do this, the crowd is never disappointed anyway.

10. They are internally motivated

Like I said, they are positive people. They believe they are capable of great things and at the same time, they never stop trying harder. Their positivity is infectious for their peers.

As a result, having them in a group always works wonders.

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