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Study Finds That Loneliness Is Worse Than Smoking 15 Cigarettes A Day


Study Finds That Loneliness Is Worse Than Smoking 15 Cigarettes A Day

In the present century, loneliness is a cancer, for it is more of a problem than smoking cigarettes, which has always been considered more of a threat than paltry isolation. Not anymore. What seemed like an invisible disease has slowly turned into more menacing than a visible, worldwide problem.

Surprising isn’t it? But is has certainly brought forth social sciences, and sciences to a bridge, because well, it is US at stake, and who wouldn’t want the biggest superpower to be happy too? In layman’s terms, loneliness is a cancer that gradually, overtime, turns into something that has severe consequences on the society and its people.

Remember Edward Norton from Fight Club? The devastation that he caused to his life, due to the absence of any societal company, also led to the formation of an alter ego, who would then ask him to shoot himself in the mouth. Doesn’t let to a very nice future, does it?

Scientists at prestigious research labs throughout the States have uncovered the massive problem that loneliness poses. Even more harmful than several upstanding causes of death throughout the world, namely alcohol consumption, cigarettes, and obesity, loneliness can’t be seen.

One could be in a mob, in a party, in the road, but he could still be lonely; alone in a world that was designed to make it a scapegoat for all its experimentation. That is the feeling of lonely. When people around you are happy, joyousness reflecting on their faces, but when you try to revel in their happiness, you are caught in a void, an abyss that stares right back at you. And no amount of treatment can right that wrong, until it is your soul, your own mind, which accepts the vast reality of a world that is all illusion, helping us pierce the veil from the truth. Only then would loneliness not look like a curse.

But nevertheless, it is a problem that leads to severe deficiency in the youth of the nation. They are supposed to be the walls; if they have faults, what would stand?

Julianne Lunstead, a leading expert of social problems, and who provides some major insights into solving this crisis, has mentioned several instances when loneliness will severely reduce the human index of the country, and if this falls, people would stop being peaceful. She has mentioned about it trumping diseases like obesity, which interestingly enough, is brought forth from depression, which is one of the leading consequences of loneliness, and isolation. Isolation is not what humanity is all about.

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Someone may crave solace for a few moments to be at one with themselves. Moments when you can hear yourself, when you know yourself, but those moments of introspection fall loose when you realize that the cons of it far outweigh the pros. Loneliness would lead to the voices in your head eating you up. What Lunstead had mentioned about its efficiency over alcohol consumption, should give one the idea of hurtling down to the nearest bar, and enjoy a night full of debauchery and merry making, as this would result in lesser problems than isolation.

Dr. Khatri of Toronto fears that the recognition which loneliness is supposed to reach, due to its widespread problem, is not present simply because people don’t give enough thought to it. People aren’t ready yet to face something which is considered vague at most. The term itself is a debate. As people don’t understand the severity of the situation, they don’t realize the consequences.

What everyone should be aware of is that loneliness can only be combated by a desire to be one with the world at all costs. One shouldn’t be alone with their thoughts, for they kill oneself. It is not a surprise then that people die prematurely due to being isolated. Their own body atrophies, because it is a huge problem for creatures that are inherently social in their very cells.

Loneliness is a curse to modern life, yet it is inevitable, for people have becomes so busy, and money minded, that they don’t have time for frivolities, yet that is what this human mind needs. Just staring at the wall for the entire day is never going to give someone a meaning to their life. As it stands, couples with children occupy only 26% of the total household population, which is a warning for all demographic experts and sociologists about the increasing dilemma in the society of USA and worldwide.

If you don’t have people who are willing to commit, you fail as a nation.

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