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Someone Wanted To Ruin Her Wedding And Hired Bad Guys To Do That

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Someone Wanted To Ruin Her Wedding And Hired Bad Guys To Do That

Most of the time, a couple’s wedding day is the best day of their lives. Most of the time, the girl has dreamed about her wedding for a long time. Still, as always, there may be someone who isn’t happy with everything.

I was shocked by what happened at this wedding. Read on to find out more…

The couple thought it would be the best day of their lives. The groom’s family, on the other hand, wouldn’t let it happen. Attackers were able to hurt the bride during the wedding service. They were hired by the bride’s horrible mother-in-law.

Last month, on February 17, there was a wedding in Mexico. But things did not quite go as planned at the wedding. The awful and painful story has been shared on Reddit and in a thread on X, which used to be Twitter.

The bride, Alexandra, and her unknown husband got together, which was the start of everything.

His family did not approve of the partnership, which was sad. His family is very wealthy, and they’ve always wanted him to marry a rich woman.

At the same time, he picked Alexandra, whose family is poorer. His family decided they didn’t want Alexandra to join their family because of how much money she had.

The man’s brother even offered Alexandra money to end the connection, but she turned it down.

Her MIL Despised Her From The Moment She Met Her And Ruined Her Wedding Day

When the wedding for Alexandra and her husband came around, the groom’s family wouldn’t come. His mother, sister, brother, or father did not show up.

No doubt, though, they meant to make a scene from afar…

Alexandra’s mother-in-law was the most upset about the wedding, so she did something that made everyone in town hate her.

Three bad guys from the area were hired by Alexandra’s mother-in-law, and they ran up to her right before the wedding and painted her white wedding dress red. The people at the wedding were shocked and turned away.

Someone on Reddit who didn’t want to be named said that the worst thing for Alexandra was seeing her mother’s scared face because she thought the paint was blood and that her daughter was badly hurt.

Luckily, the problem could be fixed quickly by getting a new dress. But that awful family wasn’t going to stop there…

The family knew where the wedding photos would be taken after the service. Then, they told the cops in secret that the bride and groom and some wedding guests had drugs on them.

The cops came to the wedding and searched everyone, but they didn’t find anything.

To make things even worse for the happy pair, the groom’s family stole his passport and visa, so they couldn’t go on their planned honeymoon.

Reports say they also tried to pay off the travel agency to mess up the trip for them, but luckily they were not successful.

Rumors going around the internet say that the man’s father is not the one who is embarrassing the couple and trying to end their relationship.

His family, on the other hand, lets it happen while he stays quiet. People also say that he fired his son from the family business.

It breaks my heart to read this story. When someone gets married, they shouldn’t have to know that their in-laws hate them. We hope everything goes well for this couple in the future!

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