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Simone Biles Shares BIG Announcement No One Saw Coming

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Simone Biles Shares BIG Announcement No One Saw Coming

Simone Biles has just revealed a huge revelation.

After becoming a household name as Simone Biles, Olympic gymnast Simone Owens has now come forward to announce her new legal name.

Simone Biles Reveals Huge NEWS

Yes, Simone has recently tied the knot. The gymnast announced her marriage to Jonathan Owen with a series of stunning Instagram posts on April 22.

Although it is unknown when the happy couple plans to have a larger ceremony with their family and friends in attendance, they did follow the current trend of having a modest intimate wedding to celebrate their love.

Biles was photographed wearing a stunning white dress and holding a bunch of white flowers.

Her hair was tied up in a sleek ponytail. In addition to his white loafers, Owens donned a beige suit.

In front of a judge of the peace, the happy couple exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

In February of 2022, Biles and Owens announced their engagement. Biles posted a picture of the event with the caption “THE EASIEST YES! I can’t wait to spend forever & ever with you, you’re everything I dreamed of and more! let’s get married FIANCÉ!”

Biles hinted at their impending nuptials a week ago when she revealed that she and Owens have obtained a marriage license. “Almost time to say ‘I do!’”

Photos from their wedding were posted to Owens’ Instagram account as well. Along with the hashtags “The Owens” and “It’s official,” he proclaimed, “My person, forever.”

In August of 2020, Owens made his Instagram debut on Biles’ account. When exactly they started dating is unknown.

But we hope nothing but the best for them as a married couple.

12 Amazing Photos of Simone Biles Doing It All for USA

Simone Biles broke down in tears on Today after she found out the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo had been canceled.

“I was actually in the gym training at the time because we are allowed under 10 people so our elites were training. And I went to the locker in between rotations and I got a text and I didn’t really know what to feel. I just kind of sat there and I cried. But ultimately it was the right decision.”

It was a bitter thing to swallow, but Biles kept right on performing.

Simone Biles has finally made her Olympic debut in Tokyo in 2021. As seen by her previous performances, watching Biles fight for yet another Olympic gold medal will be a lot of pleasure.

But things changed for Simone Biles in Tokyo in 2020.

Biles has repeatedly cemented her places in history since she first appeared.

The gymnast won seven U.S. titles and performed routines that had never been attempted before.

Simone Biles broke barriers when she successfully completed the Yurchenko double pike on the vault, a move previously only accomplished by male gymnasts.

Biles discussed her mental preparation for the new stunt after the competition.

“I was just thinking, ‘Do it like training, don’t try to overdo anything,’ because I have a tendency as soon as I raise my hand to overpower things, which I did a little bit, but at least I was still on my feet.”

Danilo Borges/

“It’s a new vault. I’m proud of how today went, even though it was a little bit rough and uncharacteristic. But it was OK.”

Simone Biles wanted the crowd at the first U.S. Classic she’d participated in in two years to know that she hadn’t disappeared.

She knows she is still the best and has no problem saying so or demonstrating it.

Ministério do Esporte/Flickr

Then the year of Tokyo 2021 rolled along, and fans were anticipating seeing several of Biles’ famous defy-gravity routines.

However, Biles got the twists right at the start of the Olympic competition. The BBC says that the twisties are a “mental block that affects physical performance.”

So when Biles started to spin in the air, she lost control and fell. Because of this, every one of her tricks was exceedingly perilous for her to throw.

Biles ultimately decided to pull out of all events save on the final apparatus, the Beam.

Miraculously, her colleagues helped her win silver in the all-around competition and bronze in the individual events.

“At the end of the day, where we’re human too so we have to protect our mind in our body rather than just go out there and do what the world wants us to do,” Biles said, according to The New York Times. “With the year that it’s been. I’m really not surprised how it played out.”

“And it’s just it’s not worth it, especially when you have three amazing athletes that can step up to the plate and do it, not worth it.”

Simone Biles has more medals than any other American gymnast, more than any other gymnast in history, and four routines named after her.

There is a floor exercise, a beam exercise, a vault exercise, and a Biles II exercise.

To further cement her status as the Greatest Of All Time, Simone Biles competed in the 2021 Classic while wearing a leotard featuring the rhinestone outline of a goat.

After Tokyo 2021, she will almost certainly have more medals than any other gymnast in history.

There are now 33 Olympic and World Championship medals held by Vitaly Scherbo of Belarus, 32 by Larisa Latynina of Russia, and 30 by Simone Biles of the United States.

There are a total of 30 medals held, with 5 being Olympic and 25 being World.

Biles made a verbal commitment to UCLA in 2014, before her spectacular Olympic performance in 2016, in which she won four gold medals and a bronze. To participate in the Olympics, she postponed the surgery.

Simone Biles was six years old when she began training in gymnastics with her maternal grandfather and grandmother.

Biles is proud of the fact that she and her sister were adopted by their original mother’s father after spending time in foster care. She was born in Ohio and later moved with her family to Texas, therefore she has four siblings.

Biles told Today’s Hoda Kotb that there is more at stake than just winning more medals at these Olympics.

Simone Biles says that transformation is the key.

At the Buzzer has reported that Biles was one of hundreds of athletes to come out after discovering that former Team USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar had assaulted them.

She has decided to make her Olympic run in Tokyo for reasons other than the medals she is expected to bring home.

“I just feel like [with] everything that happened, I had to come back to the sport to be a voice, to have change happen,” the 24-year-old explained. “Because I feel like if there weren’t a remaining survivor in the sport, they would’ve just brushed it to the side.”

Ministerio do Esporte/Flickr

Biles has utilized her platform to advocate for change and make it happen ever since she came forth.

Furthermore, she criticized USAG for covering up Nassar’s misconduct. “Since I’m still here and I have quite a social media presence and platform, they have to do something,” Biles said, explaining that there was more to her return than just her love of gymnastics.

“So I feel like, coming back, gymnastics just wasn’t the only purpose I was supposed to do,” she told Kotb. “I don’t think I knew [that was part of my reason], either, but I feel like gymnastics wasn’t the only thing I was supposed to come back for.”

Because of everything she has accomplished in sports, not just gymnastics, it’s hard not to support Biles. Even while this may seem like the end for Biles, she is not ruling out a return in 2024.

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