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Shocking Job Offers $130K Salary To Change Just One Lightbulb?

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Shocking Job Offers $130K Salary To Change Just One Lightbulb?

Consider working for a company that will pay you an incredible $130,000 to change a single lightbulb—albeit a huge one that is hundreds of feet above the ground.

It seems too wonderful to be true, doesn’t it? Sure enough, but there’s a catch. Keep on reading to find out more…

Social media has been buzzing with talk of this unusual and lucrative job option, which has left people both surprised and dubious.

Tower Climber jobs pay well, but because they operate at high altitudes, they require steely nerves and physical prowess.

Shocking Job Offers $130K Salary To Change Just One Lightbulb?

Being a Tower Climber

The task at hand is changing the lightbulbs on signal towers that are higher than 600 meters.

Unlike regular tall towers, these signal towers are made of a metal bracket that gets thinner as it rises in altitude.

This work is especially amazing because climbers are completely unprotected during their risky ascent—they have only a rope to keep them safe.

Science8888 posted a video on TikTok that shows the amazing ascent required to do this crucial mission.

Being a Tower Climber is not something that should be done lightly.

The most important prerequisite for this position is total lack of fear of heights.

It takes about three hours to ascend the 600 meters of tower, and the entire excursion takes an astounding six hours. Furthermore, winds of up to 100 km/h are experienced at the summit of the tower, which increases the risk involved in the work.

To succeed in this demanding profession, one needs to be in excellent physical shape and have a solid grip to guarantee one’s safety during the risky ascent.

The Tower Climber Salary

Although the TikTok video indicates that Tower Climbers can make £100,000 (about $130,000) per year, the real pay may differ based on area and experience.

Entry-level tower climbers with less than a year of experience usually make about $17 per hour, according to Field Engineer.

Theoretically, climbers could anticipate a boost in pay to about $191 per hour with greater expertise, but there aren’t any jobs listed online right now that provide such figures.

This information is supported by a number of job advertisements on Jooble, where hourly wages range from £16 to £35 ($20 to $44), with some positions giving up to £32 ($40) per hour.

It is crucial to remember that variables like demand and region-specific pay scales could cause the wage amounts stated in the TikTok video and other sources to vary.

The fact that so few people are ready to take on this demanding task emphasizes its exclusivity and attraction even more.

Debunking Rumors?

Some have questioned the legitimacy of the Tower Climber employment because of the remarkable nature of the work and the astounding remuneration. However, reliable sites like Jooble and Field Engineer attest to the reality of this position and its substantial earning potential.

Although curiosity and debate were sparked by the TikTok video, it is crucial to rely on reliable sources to verify the information.

The Tower Climber position itself is proof of the astonishing and varied array of professional alternatives that are accessible in the modern day.

With a $130,000 yearly pay potential, it attracts a lot of interest. But not everyone has the bravery and physical stamina needed for this high-altitude work.

Strict training and certification requirements are necessary for climbers in order to guarantee their competence and safety when doing such difficult activities. Additionally, the position may not be suitable for someone looking for steady, full-time employment due to its intermittent nature, which only requires one day of labor every six months.

Conversely, working for Tower Climbers offers thrill-lovers and adventure seekers the chance to combine their love of heights with a lucrative career. In addition, working in distinctive and attractive environments is another perk of the job that not many people get to experience.


For those who are courageous enough to pursue them, unusual jobs can yield substantial financial advantages.

The Tower Climber position is an intriguing illustration of this. It certainly offers a fascinating and well-compensated chance for those who dare to rise to great heights for a bright career, even though the income may vary based on experience and region.

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