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Shannen Doherty Preparing For Death Giving Away Personal Items

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Shannen Doherty Preparing For Death Giving Away Personal Items

Shannen Doherty firmly believes that science can help her beat her cancer, but for the sake of her mother, she is still getting rid of her things in order to be ready for her death.

The actress from “Beverly Hills, 90210” talked about her realization on Monday’s episode of her podcast “Let’s Be Clear.” She talked about how she cleaned out her storage unit after learning that her personal belongings were making her family and friends miserable.

SD said that she is putting her mother Rosa’s needs first right now because she doesn’t want her to have much to deal with if she loses her battle with stage 4 cancer.

She said, “Because it’s going to be so hard on her, I want other things to be a lot easier. I don’t want her to have a bunch of stuff to deal with. I don’t want her to have four storage units filled with furniture.”

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Shannen is going to sell the things in her storage unit, which includes a big collection of antiques. She wants to use the money to take a trip with her mom. She won’t use her savings to pay for these trips, though, because she wants her family to be taken care of after she dies.

Remember that Shannen first told people she had breast cancer in 2015, before she got treatment and went into remission. Still, she told everyone last year that the cancer had come back in Stage 4 and spread to her bones.

Shannen has stayed positive despite her health problems. In January, she said she had a “miracle” new treatment.

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