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Scientists say that some of our dreams may be glimpses of a Parallel Universe


Scientists say that some of our dreams may be glimpses of a Parallel Universe

Man has been trying to solve the mystery of dreams since time immemorial.

We are all running after the true meaning of these dreams to understand what our mind is trying to tell us or if they are beyond just our minds.

There have been records of people dreaming of future events and sometimes we find a lot of meaning in dreams that had previously escaped our attention. All this has made all of us wonder at some point or the other, if dreams are a window to an alternate universe.

This general spirit of enquiry about dreams is not something characteristic to modern researchers; it existed in the time of our ancestors too, as we can find in ancient texts that Greeks and Romans believed that dreams were the way by which Gods communicated with the mortals and the Chinese thought that dreams are a portal to go into the land of dead.

Funnily, Native Americans and Mexicans believed that dreams are the way by which we travel to a different world. Egyptians held firm faith that the one who could make meaning out of dreams must be in possession of special powers.

The word dream itself has very old origins. By the grace of research and modern science, we know today that dreams are what goes through our minds when we are asleep. Dreams are not limited to visions only. They may include other senses like smell, touch, sound and so on. In this age of science, we know much about it, thanks to technology that has allowed scientists to look into our sleeping brains.

Now, let us talk about the Multiverse theory. Scientists have tried to pinpoint the location of a lot of particles in our Universe but have not found the source, so they have been becoming increasingly more accepting of this particular theory. The simple explanation for this theory is that the other realities just do not fit into this Universe.

Therefore, we can say that there is probably a Universe where Hitler did not perpetrate the Holocaust, a reality where fish can fly and a reality where you, reader, do not exist.

The general idea again is that you and your copy exist at the same time, but you exist in different realities and have no clue about each other. Both of you might be exactly similar or have huge differences, but the point is that both of these people are you.

In our dreams, we often see people, places that we have never seen or heard of and sometimes we even feel things that we have never felt. All of these things could be a glimpse of you in a parallel universe, where these things are happening and you are going to these places and feeling these things.

Now, let us not forget that all of this is purely speculation but we all know that there is no advancement without speculation, curiosity and research. It is from these speculations that a theory is born and it is from a theory that a proof is found. The most prominent proof of the existence of an alternate reality is that there are electrons that cannot be traced back anywhere and so on.

The theory of dreams being a window to one of these, or all of these parallel universes, is still in its stage of inception and needs thorough research.

This idea, again, was born out of the knowledge that the human brain cannot make up places, faces and visuals in dreams, so these things have to have passed by our eyes in some Universe or the other.

Image source: Lee Davy/Flickr

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