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Scientists Reveal The 10 Places Where You Should Never Keep Your Phone


Scientists Reveal The 10 Places Where You Should Never Keep Your Phone

This might be the funniest yet serious thing to talk about. Nowadays, we use our phones a lot. We have our phones with us everywhere. From bed, to bathroom, it’s with us always.

The usage of our phones is directly proportional to the number of times we misplace it. For example, I forgot my phone in my fridge this morning as I went to take some milk out. Well that is just one of the issues. The other problem is that since our phones keep buzzing 24/7, you keep it on silence and BOOM! Now you can’t even locate where you kept it.

But did you know that keeping your phone in certain places can actually be dangerous for your health? Yes. Today we bring to you a list of such places.

To know what these places are, continue reading.

1. Back Pocket

Image source: Wonderlane/Flickr

We have three very basic reasons for this. First, you can lose it or even sit on it mistakenly if you forget about it. Second, it can cause back or leg aches and thirdly, if you forget to lock your phone or even if you have, you can dial emergency numbers mistakenly. 30% of the calls made to 911 are an accident.

2. In your bra

Women can’t deny that it’s the quickest place to tuck their phones but over the years scientists have found that the radiations and vibrations released from the phones can cause cancer, precisely breast cancer.

3. Close to your face

While receiving phone calls, make sure you maintain 0.5-1.5 cm difference. First, the phone releases electromagnetic radiations. Secondly, it contains bacteria which can lead to various skin infections. Don’t forget to clean your phones screen from time to time, especially if you’re someone who uses make up.

4. Cold weather

Take special care of your phones when the weather outside drops below zero. Phones can’t tolerate extreme temperature fluctuations and they are harmful for them. They tend to react badly to this. Hence, be careful if the AC is on in your car or the weather outside is snowing. To prevent such situations, buy a phone guard that keeps your phone intact and warm.

5. Under your pillow

A lot of us have the habit of keeping our phones under our pillow for whatever reason, in spite of having a side table. This is extremely bad for your health. Extraneous light affects the production of melatonin, which is produced by the lighting up of your screen during the night time every time a new notification comes in. This is really bad for your health. This will lead to disturbed sleep which is bad for your body and mind. The electromagnetic radiations emitted by this also cause severe headache. Phones give off a heat and if it’s under the pillow, the heat won’t be able to escape and that shall lead to burning of the phone and cause a major accident. Hence, long thing short, no mobile under the pillow.

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6. Stroller

Mom’s have a habit of keeping the phone in the stroller while they are in a hurry. Phones are strictly to be kept away from kids. The radiations released from the phones are extremely harmful for them.

7. Hot places

Phones themselves releases heat when kept on charge. If the temperature around it is hot, as well then the phone is, it is likely to explode.

8. On charge

Don’t leave your phone on charging overnight. It does not increase the batteries lasting power but instead makes it weak. It also heats up the phone.

9. Hips

Carrying your phone near your hips can cause trouble to your thighs, so carry a bag with you for your phone.

10. Front pocket

Men don’t carry purses and their deep pockets make it easier for them to tuck their phones in it but that’s not good. The electromagnetic waves from the phone can be problematic to the sperms.

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