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Real Heroes Caught On Camera Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Real Heroes Caught On Camera Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

How often do we get our faith in humanity destroyed? It could be easily said that we do stumble upon things on a daily basis that irritate and stress us, and those situations (almost) always involve another human being. We often need to calm down and count to 5 before we do something for which we will regret for the rest of our lives.

Why continue to have faith that people are generally good? Why continue to have faith in humanity when day after day we hear stories of crimes and drug-fueled robberies? And communities terrified by crazed gun wielders?

People can be total as*holes, but that’s no reason to lose the faith in humanity!

Let’s not forget that people can be real saints, and the strange thing is that often those saints are people that are not our close friends. In fact, that’s the strangest thing! We are more likely to get honest compliment by a total stranger than by our closest friends.

There are things we need to be deeply grateful for, and it is all credited to particular human beings.

Noticing the goodness in others, something as simple as watching for good drivers in traffic or appreciating effective customer service, or even looking for the good intentions of someone criticizing you, deepens the optimistic neural pathways in your brain.

We are mostly surrounded by bad news because that’s what we mostly hear on the TV. We will never hear “Good morning world. Today’s top story is a 65-year-old male who donates blood every month. He saved hundred thousand people with his blood donation for the past 35 years.”

Having faith in humanity matters because when we look for the good in others, we find it. What kind of world do you want to see?

In the next video made by Curiosidades 10 will completely restore your faith in humanity.

This is just what I needed to see today!

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