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If This Adorable Dog Can Learn To Speak Japanese, So Can You

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If This Adorable Dog Can Learn To Speak Japanese, So Can You

Speaking Japanese can be scary to many folks. There are all the new characters, grammatical structures and there’s kanji!

Kanji are the adopted logographic Chinese characters that are used in the Japanese writing system.

There are 2,000 kanji characters in common use and once you learn them, you’re officially literate. You can then read newspapers and most of the books. There are thousands more and even Japanese people don’t know them all, but knowing 2000 characters more or less gets the job done.

So yes… bottom line is that there are many “scary” things to acknowledge before learning Japanese, and the Japanese language earned the top spot on several “hardest languages to learn” lists.

Native English speakers would rather learn Spanish French Italian because they’re so similar to English in a lot of ways.

But Beni shows that even a humble dog can pick up some vocabulary.

He is a proof that we can all learn to say some phrases, even just few words! Yes, the grammar is challenging for all the right reasons, but even this dog can say a few words!

Dog Speaking Chinese

Beni, a Shiba Inu who’s been part of Japanese Twitter user @a_t_k123’s household since a little over a year ago. At the video bellow you can hear the dog saying “Taberu”, the Japanese word for “eat,” and he says it clear!

That’s not the only shocking feast he did. At 0:14, you can hear the pooch saying “hanbagu” (what Japan calls hamburger steaks), showing that he’s even comfortable with katakana-based loanwords.

Yes, the dog is given food in the end, but that doesn’t mean that Beni doesn’t know what he’s saying. One thing is for sure, he knows that he will get that meal if he speaks Japanese!

The point is that like any language, learning can be hard, but if a pooch speaks it so can you!

Make sure to follow beni_shiba on twitter!

Watch the dog bellow:

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