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Rastafari Member Of Parliament In New Zealand Stuns The Entire World With His Speech

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Rastafari Member Of Parliament In New Zealand Stuns The Entire World With His Speech

It wouldn’t be surprising if you thought to yourself – what is this video about – as soon you read the title. Many people do not even know about their country’s politics let alone politics of a different country. Now, those of you who are from New Zealand, you might have a vague idea as to how this MP may be. Rest of you, you will need to know a bit about him before you can relate to what he is saying. Though, the point remains: his valedictory statement is something very relatable and applicable to all times!

This MP in New Zealand is named Nandor Tanczos and he is a Rastafari. For those of you who do not know what a Rastafari is, it is a newly found Abrahamic religion which founded its basis in Jamaica. Most of you wouldn’t have known about it before today and quite understandably.

Anyways, this video is his valedictory statement when he was leaving the parliament. He has some pretty stern remarks to make but they are quite true. His vision and beliefs are very strong. The way he talks about climate change, parliament’s responsibility towards the country and constitutional reforms, all of it makes a lot of sense even now.

People in New Zealand have appreciated his work and if you closely listen to his speech, it would seem like he has done enough to not let the politics corrupt him. Somewhere in middle of his statement, he talks about how he is quitting while his beliefs are intact – or something similar which more or less means the same.

Rastafari people are a minority and one of them was an MP in New Zealand for 9 years. Surely, he would have had a lot more to experience and share with the parliament and then back to his people once he is out. You would want to listen to what he has to say.

Thanks to IReggaeNation for publishing this incredible video! Make sure to follow them for more!

Rastafari Member Of Parliament in New Zealand

Feeling his message?By: Nandor Tanczos

Posted by IReggaeNation on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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