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Powerful Cosmic Energies In 2018: This Is What The Stars In January Have To Say


Powerful Cosmic Energies In 2018: This Is What The Stars In January Have To Say

Week 1

The year will begin with a Super Moon. It will be seen in the constellation of Cancer.

The distance between the Earth and this Moon will be lower than the usual distance between the Moon and the Earth. Also, Moons like these are known to influence romances, passions and emotions, as much as they influence tides of water. As a result, there is a high chance that Cancer individuals would feel more affectionate towards their partners/spouses.

But there is also the possibility of the past coming in or intervening in relationships and economic matters.

The problem of the past gearing up will be mended though.

The planets Mars and Neptune will form a trine with the Moon. Consequently, your creativity, imagination and industriousness will come to your aid to solve the problems you were facing.

This is time, for individuals of all signs, to be absolutely focused. Concentrate on your work and put in extra hours if you have to. This is the time to get the job done.

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Week 2

The second week of January will see the culmination of a process that began in March 2017.

The planet Venus, in combination with the Sun, will enter the constellation Capricorn.

If you have been stalling an idea, do it now. This is the time when luck will put out way more than usual. You might just find loose, easy opportunities. Materialize on them.

This is the time for change. And by change we don’t just mean on an individual level. This is the time to change the world.

There have been deep-seated issues in the field of world politics for the past two decades. Now would be the time to expect things to get moving and wheels to get rolling.

Personally, it would be heartening to see some action to counter climate change. The East coast bomb-cyclone, which recently caused a big freeze scenario, is but a warning.

The 10th of the month will mark the next big astral/astrological event. This is the planets Saturn and Mercury coming together in a trine.

This would be the time of cooperation and working together. In case you had collaborations in mind, this would be the time to kick-start things.

Look ahead in the bigger frame and picture a clear goal and consider equally and properly dividing tasks and establishing boundaries. This would make things work out and work out faster and better.

Keep an eye out for inspiration. It can come from unexpected quarters at unexpected times.

The next phase would be the conjunction or coming together of Venus and the New moon. Venus is the planet most associated with love and with the added boost of the New Moon, its influence would be more profound.

Expect something new, fresh and meaningful in your love life. It might be a new story totally, or it might be a rekindling of an old one.

You would want to keep your eyes open and pointed straight towards the future. You have to try and outgrow the past and tap into the energies of this astral phenomenon – this is just what you and your heart needs.

The fourth week of the month would see the last event of the month. On the 26th, Mars will enter the constellation of Sagittarius.

Expect your gut feeling to be boosted. Your gambles might pay off more.

But, and this is really important – with a boosted intuition comes the risk of making bad decisions as well. So this would be the time to recapitulate and rethink your steps better before materializing them.

The month will end with the Super Moon eclipsing itself.

This event will make individuals born near or on the date find new confidence in all their endeavors.

All in all, the month is one of new beginnings and starts. Capitalize on it and watch your dreams becoming real!

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