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10 Tricks of Psychic Protection Every Empath Should Learn


10 Tricks of Psychic Protection Every Empath Should Learn

Empathy is defined as the potential to figure out and relate with the feelings of others. An “Empath”, therefore, is a person who has immense empathy.

Apart from that, he/she also possesses an amalgamation of intense characteristics and this is what makes them different from any other person who is just merely empathetic.

We, however, cannot state that all Empaths are of the same kind. But, all of them possess the marvelous gifts like compassion for others, the intuition to “empathize” and to overcome various challenges faced in the courses of their lives.

However, every Empath 101 guide is to learn to protect themselves from being energetically drained by others. After all, we are all in the middle of a pool filled with energies. How we deal with those energies determine our life.

Once you learn the tricks of psychic protection, you will find it much easier to navigate this world without being energetically punched down all the time.

1. Feeling other people’s energies

An empath cannot escape from feeling others’ emotions and feelings. They can pick up emotional vibrations quickly and more accurately than non-empaths. If someone is happy then you are happy with them, and if someone is negative and dark, then you also become low and sad. However, this also proves to be very exhausting.

2. Great intuitive abilities

Empaths have highly developed intuitive faculties and they are generally good at predicting things or behavior. Since you already pick up people’s emotional energies, you can easily guess what they are up to just by talking to them.

3. It is exhausting

Being an empath is not an easy task. It is thoroughly exhausting and proves to be a challenging activity. Taking up and sensing so much emotional energy drains your own vibes and makes you feel low. Connecting too deeply with people and giving them away your positive energy does not always answer. You need to take time for yourself and save some of it for yourself. Otherwise you will become moody, irritated and cranky. Engage emotionally only with those who are close to you in order to keep your spirits intact.

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4. Attracting broken people

Sometimes there are energy vampires out there who are attracted to empaths like moth to a flame. Also, there are those who are severely emotionally broken and need healing of some kind. They are attracted to empaths on their own, as they try to strike a friendship with them. Try to be careful of such people because they will stick to you like a leech and will suck all positivity out of you. Distinguish between those who really need help and those who just like to be miserable for the sake of it and ruin other people’s time and energy.

5. Overwhelmed by crowds

Overcrowded places affect you in a negatively manner. You do not like so many people jammed together because their emotional energies are way too erratic for you to consider. Places with loud music are also not the place for you.

6. Highly sensitive

You are very sensitive and this is not at all a bad thing. You are affected by all the emotions around you and would not like to see anyone in pain or suffering. You cannot see violence and injustice being done to anyone.

7. Where you live matters

The place where they live is also very crucial for an empath. Generally, they would like to live in small areas where the population energy is not too much to handle. Big cities and towns can make them feel exhausted as there are too many people to overwhelm them. A country side vacation is very soothing for their senses because being alone is like meditation for them.

8. Lies cannot escape you

You are good at reading other people’s intention and can pick up their lies. You know how people react to certain things and you can read it right from their face and find out what the person is going through. If someone has bad intentions then you will know it beforehand which makes it easier for you to know who can be trusted.

9. Emotional healing

Even listening to others can prove to be healing because you do not fake your compassion and kindness. People talk to you and you offer them genuine advice and compassion. Talking to you is like healing for them and this is your valuable gift to others.

10. Ignoring your own problems

In the process of giving away, you tend to forget your own troubles and problems. You neglect your problems so that you can prioritize others’ problems. This can sometimes backfire because your own emotional troubles will start affecting you negatively. Take care of yourself before you selflessly give yourself to others.

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