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Pierce Brosnan Shares The Truth About His Marriage After 22 Years Of Marriage

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Pierce Brosnan Shares The Truth About His Marriage After 22 Years Of Marriage

They have been happily married for a long time. Pierce Brosnan is married to Keely Shaye Smith, who is now Brosnan.

Before they got back together in 1994, the former James Bond star had been through a terrible loss when his first wife died of cancer a few years before.

Brosnan and his wife are deeply in love with each other after they found one another. The couple can’t seem to keep their two kids apart, not even when they are in labor.

Even though Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye have had their fair share of ups and downs in their marriage, they know what makes a happy one.

Now the actor talks about the specifics and why it’s been a spiritual journey.

Without a doubt, Pierce Brosnan is the first actor that comes to mind when you think of a sophisticated James Bond.

Along with his many notable acting parts, the 007 star is known for having a wonderful and endearing personality.

That’s what Pierce Brosnan thinks: she’s just too good at board games, especially backgammon. “I love backgammon with Keely,” the Hollywood star said to People. “We have fierce competition. I used to teach her how to play, but now she just acts rude to me. It’s just really obnoxious. It truly is. Really, really, truly.

Pierce and Keely often show how much they love each other on Instagram with touching photos and posts.

They have been married for 22 years, but there is still something between them that never goes away.

In a new interview with Fox, Pierce Brosnan tells his fans about his marriage and what has kept them together over the years.

“We really enjoy being with each other. We love each other so much,” he told Fox News. “And like all of us, families experience a great deal of hardship along the way.

However, he went on, “watching someone grow up and age with you is a very spiritual journey.” “To observe one another’s changes, be it in the waist or the hair. It’s the love in the heart, though.Pierce Brosnan also complimented his wife for being there for him no matter what. Keely was crucial to the development of his Hollywood career, particularly considering how frequently he was required to work distant from home.

“She always has allowed me to go out into the wild blue yonder and do what I do as a man, as an actor,“ he said.


Keely is a writer and press person. She works as an artist on her own. As a woman, she has also built a family for their boys.

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Pierce and Keely Shaye Brosnan are a great pair.

We wish them a lot of happiness and hope they stay married for a long time!

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