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Those Who Prefer to Be Alone Have These 21 Unique Personality Traits


Those Who Prefer to Be Alone Have These 21 Unique Personality Traits

There can be nothing more fascinating than the human nature. All of us are different in our appearances and our personalities. Some people enjoy being in the spotlight and are almost always surrounded by friends, family or co-workers. They are the magnets of parties and steal the show with their speech at a meeting. They are the extroverts.

On the other hand, we have the introverts who prefer being on their own. Some feel they lack confidence or are shy, but in reality they are strong people who are not disillusioned about their goals or themselves.

Social psychologist, Bella DePaulo, explains: They do not have a particularly strong need to belong. And they are less likely to be lonely or to be depressed. Put all that together with tier openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, extroversion, and low levels of neuroticism, and people who are unafraid of being single look totally badass.

If you belong to the second clan, here are traits that you may identify with:

1. They Are Extremely Strong Individuals

Loners spend time with their thoughts and understand their emotions like no one else. This enables them to be calm and composed under all circumstances. This quality is admirable and not all extroverts possess this.

2. They Are Empaths

Since introverts try to analyze and understand everything, they go out of their way to care for others. They are naturally empathetic, which is both a bane and a boon.

3. They Have Firm Principals

These people have a strong moral compass which dictates what is right and what is wrong. They are observers and think before they act. Their actions are in accordance with their strong morals.

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4. They Are Open-Minded And Unbiased

Contrary to popular belief, they do not shut themselves in their houses to maintain a distance from the way of the world. They are open to new experiences, but in their chosen time and pace.

5. They Do Not Need Approval

Peer acceptance is not important to them as they embrace their quirks. They know that their self worth and success is not determined by their popularity.

6. They Know Nobody Is Perfect

Perfection is a myth. They do not feel the overwhelming need to impress others by putting up a facade. Instead, they aim for personal growth by embracing their flaws.

7. They Want Deep Intellectual Conversations

They do not waste their time in small talk and indulge in meaningful ones. They want to spend time with intellectuals who help them grow by challenging their views.

8. Time Is Priceless

They know the value of time and use it judiciously. They are punctual and do not waste other people’s time as well.

9. They Are Highly Intuitive

They are fully aware of themselves, which is why they can actually sense their intuition and believe in it.

10. They Are Extremely Loyal

They know the value of friendship as they are very selective. They let few people enter their lives and are extremely loyal to them.

11. They Value Independence

Loners hate to be dependent on family or friends and choose to carve their own path. They do not need other people but they do want their company at times.

12. They Are Opinionated

They are highly introspective and unlike what others think, they have strong opinions about the world. However, they choose not to express them in front of just anyone and save it for dire situations.

13. Their Self Awareness Is Very High

Some people are not aware of who they are. They are swayed by what others say and do, without having a stand. Introverts spend time exploring their mind and are aware of its contents.

14. They Are Kind And Compassionate

They may minimize interactions but are very kind and generous people who feel deeply. They exude love and warmth, reaching out to those who need them.

15. They Respect Boundaries

Loners need their personal space and would not intrude in other people’s lives either. The people in proximity with them value healthy boundaries and they do the same. It is all about respecting choices.

16. They Are Brave

They are brave and have the courage to stand against the world. They have no rosy view of life and are always prepared to face adversities.

17. They Are Balanced

They are focused, calm, rational and rarely overwhelmed while dealing with crisis. They never jump to conclusions or actions.

18. They Love Themselves

They do not need validation and love themselves. This shapes the relationship with other people.

19. They Wait For Meaningful Romantic Relationships

They are not impatient, needy or dating for the sake of it. They wait for the ‘right’ one and are not afraid to be single. They have a clear idea of what they want in a partner and do not wish to waste their time being with the wrong person.

20. They Know Their Strength And Weakness

They do not underestimate or exaggerate their flaws or virtues. They are pragmatic and know all aspects of themselves.

21. You Can Count On Them

Mostly, they do not step out of their cocoon. They won’t volunteer to do things, but if they do, they will make it perfect. They are extremely reliable and stand by their word always.

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