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People Are Going Crazy Trying To Find The Snow Leopard

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People Are Going Crazy Trying To Find The Snow Leopard

If you thought your camouflage clothes helped you stay hidden, wait until you see this picture of the snow leopard.

Even though it’s not wearing a camouflage jacket and there aren’t any baseball caps, shades, or strategically placed newspapers in sight, this leopard is still very hard to see.

The animal could teach all those sneaky movie characters who are trying to spy on someone a thing or two, if they can find it.

This picture shows a rocky scenery with some snow still on top. The very well-hidden creature is hiding in the rocks.

People who have seen leopards know that they are orange-brown and have black spots all over their bodies. But do you know what color a snow leopard is?

Because of its name, you might think it’s white, which could make you think the creature is hidden in the snow in the picture.

Featured Image Credit: Saurabh Desai Photography

While most of the time the animals are lighter than standard leopards, many of them still have light brown spots in their fur.

In a setting with light brown rocks and snow, this probably doesn’t need to be said. It’s a pretty good way to hide.

After being shared on Reddit, the picture has become a task for people on the internet. The poster asked people to “Spot the snow leopard and the time it took u to spot it.”

The leopard is hidden somewhere in this photo. Credit: Saurabh Desai Photography

It’s been six months since the post, but it sounds like some people are still looking.

People on Reddit have been very upset about how hard it is to find the leopard, and many have begged other users to help them.

“I am basically blind someone help me,” one desperate person wrote, while another added: “Hour 4, still searching.”

Some Reddit users even started to question whether the photo even showed a leopard in the first place, as if it were all part of a big trick that was getting more and more clever.

“At one point I thought, is there even one in this picture?” one confused person wrote.

However, I can promise you that there is a leopard in the shot; I even found it.

The thing is just to the left of the picture, off-center. It can be seen right below the big snow patch, its eyes looking straight at the camera.

Do you see it?

Don’t get too cocky, even if you can. Someone is very sneaky because I found it once and then lost it again very quickly.

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