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Nobody Believed Him When He Explained His Morning Ritual With An Unusual Friend, So They Made This Video

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Nobody Believed Him When He Explained His Morning Ritual With An Unusual Friend, So They Made This Video

Even though there are many interesting animals in the world, this young boy became friends with one that you probably wouldn’t guess!

The amazing video shows his special morning routine with his sailor friend.

To everyone’s surprise, this great friend of his turned out to be a huge manta ray!

The boy lives on the Canary Islands in Spain, which is a famous spot for many types of stingrays.

There’s a good reason why this set of stairs is a well-known spot for manta rays.

As they go down into the water, local fishers stop to give the mantas any extra fish they have so they can eat it for free.

The boy in this video went down the steps to feed and play with his friendly and cute manta ray friend on the day that the video was taken.

The friendly animal greets the boy and lets him pet him.

He even moves in a little further so the boy can pet him more easily at one point.

The manta never did anything that could be seen as aggressive or dangerous.

He was just glad to see his friend and get a treat from him.

The manta probably trusts this boy because he has fed him over time.

He will love telling his friends about his big manta ray pet that looks like a puppy dog.

Even though this doesn’t happen very often, stingrays in the wild are usually very calm and nice.

Very rarely do they attack or sting when they are scared or trying to protect themselves.

Most of the time, they just hover around the sea bottom, looking around.

If you’ve ever snorkeled or scuba-dived near manta rays, you know how beautiful they are.

This exchange is sure to make you laugh!

Check out the video below to see this amazing boy and his cute manta as a pet.

To help keep the oceans as clean as possible, let’s try to use fewer plastic bags each week.

A lot of plastic bags are only used for a short time before they are thrown away.

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These bags then end up in landfills and our beautiful seas.

Keep a cloth or shopping bag that can be used again and again in the car. It will help our sea friends a lot!

Watch the video below:

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