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Neighbors Are Angry Over Color He Decided To Paint His House

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Neighbors Are Angry Over Color He Decided To Paint His House

Some think that a person’s character can be gleaned from the way they arrange their home. The houses on Mountain View in Pflugerville, Texas, used to look like any other houses on the street. Those who live there are accustomed to seeing homes in neutral tones of white, beige, and gray. But after Emilio Rodriguez stepped in, things started to shift.

Neighbors Are Angry Over Color He Decided To Paint His House

When Emilio was only four years old, he was involved in a terrible car accident. The downside is that he is now permanently paralyzed below the waist as a result of this. And throughout his adult life, he has had operation after operation. He now uses a wheelchair, and his home will contribute to Austin’s unique “Keep Austin Weird” atmosphere.

His life has been filled with challenges, but the color pink has always been the one constant that has brought him joy and comfort.

Additionally, Emilio discovered that the color pink is soothing and upbeat while he was dealing with his health problems. That’s why two years ago, when Emilio finally pulled the trigger on the purchase of his ideal home in Pflugerville, he painted every room in the place a bright shade of pink. His loved ones, including his girlfriend, strongly advised him against choosing this shade of paint for the home. Emilio, however, is set on trusting his instincts.

Colors in Emilio’s tattoos served as inspiration for the paint job he had done on his ideal home. As a result, Emilio had the interior of the house painted a hue of pink similar to that of Pepto-Bismol. However, this is not restricted to merely accents. Wrapping it around his entire home, he hid nothing. The “wet slime” aesthetic was intentional.

He said, “I did the back first, the whole back of the house. Then I did the whole house.” He also explained that a house that is painted in such a way was his dream home.

On the contrary, Emilio has more in store. A pink tiled driveway and pink yard lights are also on his list of planned improvements. But that’s not all; he’s considering coloring his wheelchair hot pink.

While the finished product has Emilio smiling, several of his neighbors are less than enthusiastic about the hue. They feel it stands out, and not in a good way, according to several. To be sure, he couldn’t care less what the rest of the neighborhood said about his property.

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His irritated neighbors won’t get to him. He mentioned that the lack of a homeowners’ organization in the area was a major factor in his decision to settle there.

He further explained, “No HOA. No HOA. I pre-planned this specifically because of that reason. So when people get mad, I explain there is no HOA here.”

Since his pink home is so unusual, it has gone viral on the internet, and he has experienced both the benefits and drawbacks of this phenomenon. Although it was enjoyed by many, Emilio claims he has also gotten death threats and insults. Those who live nearby who don’t agree with him may try to press the issue in court.

Even so, to Emilio, this is not a huge thing. His only concern is that this house is perfect for him, and he can’t imagine why anyone else would object to it.

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