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My Husband Doesn’t Believe Our Daughter Is Biologically His and Asked Me for a Maternity Test. Here’s What Happened

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My Husband Doesn’t Believe Our Daughter Is Biologically His and Asked Me for a Maternity Test. Here’s What Happened

The woman’s husband had doubts about the paternity of their newborn daughter and felt she was not linked to them biologically.

When the mother probed further and found out what had gone wrong, things took a turn for the worst.

A recent viral post on Reddit’s “Best of Redditor Updates” forum serves as an example of how hasty judgments without fact-checking can ruin relationships.

One Reddit user, Ok-Replacement7697, shared a story about an OP (Original Poster) who had just given birth.

The mother who carries a u/Nectarine-Power came clean about her husband’s feelings about their child’s motherhood and paternity. However, her investigation revealed what had prompted him to make such a hasty judgment, and from that point on, events took a different turn.

First, OP introduced her newborn baby before explaining her predicament.

A tuft of dark brown hair, a darker complexion, and grayish-brown eyes were the characteristics of her unborn child. On the other hand, OP’s spouse was blonde with blue eyes, while OP herself had red hair.

OP’s red hair was the result of a genetic anomaly; her family had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Even though he was aspiring to get a Ph.D., she insisted these details were important because her husband had always struggled with genetics.

At the same time, there were several who suspected that the OP’s husband was making it all up in order to dump her.

When the OP’s husband became certain that the child they were carrying was not his biological offspring, things began to go south.

He started to believe something was off with the baby’s paternal ancestry and attributed his suspicions to her darker coloring.

The OP assured him that she would support his desire for a paternity test as evidence of the baby’s biological father.

The notion appealed to her since she wished to maintain harmony in their relationship. But then her husband suggested she get a pregnancy test, and that was when things started to go weird.

This was the turning point that caused OP to lose it emotionally.

Her attempts to explain the situation to her husband were fruitless. He ignored her question about whether he thought she had conceived with someone else’s child.

After her repeated efforts to elucidate genetics for her spouse fell flat, OP was left bewildered.

She believed her spouse, a brilliant software engineer, shouldn’t be so oblivious to the concept of heredity.

People were quick to provide their opinions and point out where the OP’s husband might have gone wrong after reading her account on the cross-post, and she sought advice on Reddit.

Redditor dreamersdisplay posted: “Babies’ eyes change color as they grow.” Another user, mooseblood07, agreed: “Hair color also changes. My older brother and I were VERY blonde the first few years, and now we’ve both got brown hair.”

The conversation heated up as individuals recounted their own experiences with a wide range of hair textures, from extremely dark brown to wavy and blonde to straight, highlighting the enormous power of heredity.

At the same time, there were several who suspected that the OP’s husband was making it all up in order to dump her. “Are you sure it’s not him being stupid, instead him orchestrating things, so you leave?” said Whatsfordinner4, a Reddit user.

Not long after that, OP came back with further information, stating that her husband was indeed suffering from postpartum depression.

She assumed that the pressure of expecting a child was the root cause of his uncertainties.

The OP had anticipated that by attending treatment after the tragedy, he would have a new perspective on their daughter.

“But for everyone wondering, to sum it up, he is not dumb, and he is not cheating on me. He’s just going through a hard time right now,” she clarified.

Reactions from Other Internet Users to the Event

One user said: “I actually joked about needing a maternity test as when mine came out as she was literally the spitting image of her father with no resemblance to me at all! A decade on she has my colouring, but still 100% her father’s features (fortunately in a more feminine version) Glad to read this guy got help, because to be serious about that is a whole other issue.”

Another one told a different story: “Yeah, post-partum depression in men is real and should be more widely spoken about. My ex went through it, full on mental break when our baby was 1. Kept saying he wished he’d “had a choice” and that I’d gotten an abortion. This was fully a year after birth. And the child was an easy child. He ended up painting and repainting a house at his parents farm for a week and otherwise catatonic and then somehow came out of it. Sorta. Part of why I left him a decade later was the depression he wouldn’t treat.”

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While third wrote: “Wow talk about not adjusting well to fatherhood. You really never know how you’ll react to something until it actually happens to you and then you can definitely be surprised!”

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