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Mother Shares The Inheritance Of Her Husband To Someone Else, Instead Of Their Children

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Mother Shares The Inheritance Of Her Husband To Someone Else, Instead Of Their Children

The kids were shocked when they learned that someone else got their dad’s fortune. The mom wrote about it on the r/AITA thread on Reddit.

The kids didn’t like the idea, and they couldn’t believe that someone else got their dad’s fortune instead of them.

The mother posted the story on Reddit under the name u/Positive-Purple-487. She said that she and her husband had been married for 20 years before he died. He died because of cancer.

She told him that his ex-wife gave him two kids from her first marriage. It was because the kids were teens when they got married, and she had a 7-year-old from a previous relationship, so, as the mother said, they had enough kids.

She said she wanted to be a family with the kids her husband had, but they wouldn’t accept her.

Their behavior toward the woman was rude, and they used bad language against her whenever they could.

The kids thought she was after their dad’s money, but she told them that her family was much richer than his, so she was living way below her means.

The woman said she chose to stay home with her daughter because she could afford to do so. And she said she had enough money that she didn’t need her husband’s money.

She did say that she hadn’t told her husband or his kids about it, though. So that people would treat her as a person, not because of how much money she had.

His kids wouldn’t stay with him when he was told he had cancer. Like the woman said, her husband had been hurt for three years. While her daughter helped them whenever she could, a 20-year-old girl did everything she could to help them.

She was a waitress at a nearby coffee shop. They were people who went there as often as they could.

The women learned from her that she was a single mother who went to community college at night. She had two children. She came to help whenever she could when she heard that the woman’s husband had been diagnosed with cancer.

Following the death of her husband, she helped make plans for the funeral. Then his children came along, and all they cared about was his fortune.

After that, she found out that her husband had left his wife his $250,000 home. The woman left the house to the single mom who worked at the coffee shop.

She was mad that she didn’t get anything since her daughter knew she gave the house to the single mother. The woman said that she already had her mother’s money and that her father did not own the house.

The ex-wife and children of her ex-husband caused a scene and were very angry with her for what she did.

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People on Reddit who read u/Positive-Purple-487’s story said that she was right to do what she did and that her children didn’t deserve her husband’s money.

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