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Most People Think These Cupboards Are Of No Use. Here’s How To Properly Use Them

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Most People Think These Cupboards Are Of No Use. Here’s How To Properly Use Them

Storage solutions that are both innovative and practical are essential for making the most of limited square footage at home or at the workplace.

Smart storage solutions may make a significant impact in any setting, whether it’s your business, your home, or somewhere else.

When there isn’t enough room in the kitchen, things can get chaotic and disorganized, making it difficult to cook.

What about the space in the cabinets over the refrigerator?

Take advantage of a space-saving but often-overlooked storage option by making use of the upper refrigerator cabinets. You may use these hidden nooks to better manage your kitchen’s clutter and improve its storage space. We will investigate several methods for maximizing these cabinets’ utility and provide examples of their practical deployment.

Using the space above the fridge to save seldom-used appliances

The drawers above the fridge are perfect for stowing away seldom-used kitchen gadgets. Some examples are as follows:

  • If you only use your food processor sometimes, such as when you need to chop or slice, then this cabinet is perfect for you.
  • Blender: Store your blender out of the way, but close enough to grab whenever the urge for a smoothie strikes.
  • Waffle Maker: Keep this cupboard for seldom-used but essential appliances like a waffle maker.

Consider using bins or baskets to help you organize the contents of your cabinets. The following can be arranged in this fashion:

  • Put things like measuring cups, rolling pins, and pastry brushes into clearly labeled containers.
  • Use see-through plastic bins to categorize soups, sauces, and canned veggies.
  • Accessories for Cooking: Place a basket in a convenient location to store pot holders, oven mitts, and trivets.

Maximize Vertical Space

Make use of the height of your area by installing shelving or racks that can be adjusted. Some of the things you can put away are:

  • To save room and showcase your collection, you can stand your cookbooks on end.
  • To save space in the cabinets above the fridge, install a few shallow shelves to hold your spice jars.
  • Wine glasses and other glasses should be stored upright on shelves.

Storing Bulk Items and Kitchen Linens

The cabinets above the fridge are a great place to keep extra kitchen linens and large quantities of food. How to make the most of this space is as follows:

  • Store any extra flour, sugar, or rice in airtight containers in the pantry so that it stays fresh.
  • Paper Towels: Clear some counter space so you can store a stockpile of paper towels and tissues.
  • Towels, dishtowels, and cleaning rags should all be stored in one cabinet for easy access.
  • Use that empty space above the fridge to store holiday decorations and other seasonal necessities.

Small cabinets can be installed above the fridge to keep items that are used infrequently or just during certain times of the year.

Put away your Christmas service ware, tablecloths, and other decorations until the holiday season rolls around again.

Prepare for warm-weather adventures by having picnic blankets, outdoor dining accessories, and reusable plates in a convenient location.

Fine china and fancy serving platters need a distinct place in your home until they’re needed for a special event.


Regular Maintenance and Safety

Keep the following in mind to keep the cupboards above the fridge in good working order and secure:

To keep everything neat and tidy in your cupboards, it’s a good idea to do a periodic inventory and get rid of any unused items.

To avoid injury, a sturdy step stool or ladder should be used when reaching inside these cabinets.

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Due to the refrigerator’s thermal output, it is advisable to use caution when storing items that are susceptible to heat damage.

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