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Most People Don’t Realize These 11 Indicating Signs A Relationship Is Not Going To Last


Most People Don’t Realize These 11 Indicating Signs A Relationship Is Not Going To Last

When you fall in love for the first time and get into a relationship, everything seems good. It feels like everything is falling into place. It isn’t until the honeymoon phase is over that you get to see where does your relationship really stands.

Not every relationship is meant to be, right? So how do you know if your relationship is going to break? Here are the 11 signs. If these occur, know that the relationship won’t continue for long.

1. No talks about the future

If your relationship has been going on for a while but you haven’t had the future talks yet, it is possible you might be approaching the end. If he doesn’t talk to you about getting married or any kind of future plans, he either finds it difficult or sees no future with you. Either, your relationship won’t thrive for long.

2. Passion is what brought you together in the first place

Passion and love are two different sensations. Passion fades and when it does, it will be the end of your relationship as well – especially if it was the only connection you two had. For your bond to continue and grow stronger, you need to be connected emotionally and mentally, beyond the physical connection.

3. Lack of honesty and openness 

When you are truly intimate, you are forthcoming and open to your partner about anything and everything. If you feel the need to hide things from your partner, you might not be together for long. Huffington Post quoted the psychologist Antonio Borrello that hiding feelings can happen because there is no trust. If there is no trust, there is no solid foundation for your relationship.

4. You don’t communicate

If you think not having fights mean you have a stress-free, blissful relationship, you are certainly wrong. Fighting means there has been a disagreement and you two are trying to find a mutual ground. If you aren’t fighting, you aren’t communicating and if you aren’t communicating, you won’t last for long.

5. You aren’t fond of your partners friends

Being in a relationship with someone automatically makes you a friend of their friends. More importantly, your friends define you. If your partner doesn’t appreciate your company, the relationship might not go a long way.

6. There is development of similar interests but none of the personal ones

Ideally, it is said that if two people share similar interests, they are likely to prosper. Relationship expert Erika Boissiere has to say otherwise. As long as the two of you are pursuing your personal interests as well, having similar likes wouldn’t hurt. There should be room for you to grow as unique individuals.

7. Absence of empathy

Your partner should be able to understand your feelings. If you have had a fight with your best friend and you are very upset about it, he should understand it and not dismiss your feelings. Where there is empathy, there is connection. If your partner cannot connect with you emotionally, there is no point of pursuing the relationship further.

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8. You lack the decision making power

In the beginning, it is okay if you let him make the choices, such as which movie to watch, what to eat and where to go. In the long run though, you two should be able to make mutually agreed decisions. If he continues to dismiss your decisions, it’s a strong sign it won’t last for long.

9. There is no give and take

By give and take here it refers to the compromises one has to make in a relationship. If you feel like you are the only one making compromises all the time and the other person isn’t making enough efforts, you will be drained soon and wouldn’t want to continue.

10. Your partner treats others poorly

Understandable, everyone’s at their best behavior when the relationship starts. But if you really want to understand the kind of person you are dating, you should observe how they treat other people, like the waiters, his parents and co-workers. If he isn’t well behaved towards them, you can’t really expect him to be well-mannered with you in the long run, right?

11. Being with your partner feels like an obligation

You should see your relationship as something fun and enjoyable, in a manner you feel energizes when you are with your partner. If it feels like an obligation, something you have to do despite of being low on motivation, it’s about time you end things.

Summing it up, if you are experiencing most of these signs, your relationship is definitely suffering. You can either end it and be on your way or talk to your partner and sort things out.

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