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Military Woman Hires Nanny To Take Care Of Her Kids But Feels ‘Sick To The Stomach’ After Checking Safety Cameras

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Military Woman Hires Nanny To Take Care Of Her Kids But Feels ‘Sick To The Stomach’ After Checking Safety Cameras

When a mom checks her nanny cam, she is shocked and terrified to see disturbing video of her babysitter…

A mom of two took to Reddit to talk about an unfortunate event that happened with her babysitter after shocking tape was found on a home camera.

The mom, whose husband was in the military, said she needed help taking care of their new baby, so they got a nanny. The mom had trouble with her babysitter from the first few weeks after her son was born for up to six months. She had trouble with organizing and paying the babysitter.

The couple had to quickly find a new babysitter because the first one quit. The 20-year-old daughter of their friend then offered to help them. The mother didn’t notice the warning signs at first because her kids loved their new nanny.

The babysitter helped the woman a lot of the time, even when she wasn’t asked. Because the woman had full faith in her nanny, she told her that she had trouble breastfeeding and often used donor milk for her baby. The mom’s statement moved the nanny, who felt sorry for her and asked her for more information. The mom lost it and told more than she should have without thinking.

A lot of parents told the woman what she should do next after her terrible experience with the nanny became public.

It was so she could keep an eye on her kids that she put nanny cameras in the living room and their bedroom. She always had faith in her nanny and never looked at the cameras, but one day she was having a bad day and chose to check on her kids. She thought back:

“I never feel compelled to check for the simple fact that I trust my nanny. However, I was having a rough day yesterday and wanted to see what the little ones were up to so I decided to pop in. My nanny was sitting on my bed, rocking my son, and attempting to breastfeed him.”

What the woman saw made her feel sick. “I almost felt sick, it just seemed so inappropriate,” she said. When she approached the nanny, she said she was very sorry and “just wanted to help” her because she was having trouble breastfeeding. But the woman wasn’t really touched on the inside. She chose to look through older footage and found more disturbing information.

The woman found a strange pattern in the nanny’s daily routine after going through recordings from the past few weeks. She stated, “She unplugs the camera in my bedroom when she goes to put him down for naps and plugs it back in when she leaves.”

Because the mom was worried, she asked the nanny the next day for a good reason. In the end, more horrible facts came to light.

The woman’s babysitter told her that she was “uncomfortable” with the camera looking at her while she tried to put the baby to sleep. The woman didn’t believe her because the camera didn’t see motion or follow a target.

The mom wasn’t moved, so she asked the nanny why she didn’t just tilt the camera towards the crib herself. The nanny said she didn’t know, which the woman thought was another lie because she had seen that someone had turned the camera around to look at the baby, and her 5-year-old couldn’t have done it.

She looked at more tapes to see if she was missing something else and found that the nanny had left her daughter in a pantry with a door and her toddler in the backyard alone. She was upset that it didn’t end there.

Online users told her to also check to see if there was theft. For example, InvisibleShadow2U wrote on Reddit:

“Because no one has mentioned it: check your valuables, especially any that you keep in your bedroom. If she’s turning off the camera, she may well be digging through your stuff.”

When asked for an update, the woman said she had checked her room for anything stolen and found that some of her toddler’s clothes and her daughter’s small blanket were gone.

She had even lost the box of old baby clothes she had set aside to give away. In the end, the nanny’s dad gave them back, but not the blanket because she said she couldn’t find it.

“I’ve worked as a nanny. This is beyond inappropriate. You need boundaries in place, like, yesterday,” user gatitamonster commented, adding, “Part of making that my profession is recognizing and respecting the fact that I’m not the child’s parent.”

A lot of parents told the woman what she should do next after her terrible experience with the nanny became public.

The mother was under a lot of stress, and she was shocked that she had unintentionally caused a situation that put her kids’ health and safety at risk. She had to make a tough choice because of this.

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“We’ve decided to let her go… I’m going to be taking a few weeks of leave to take my kids in for check-ups, get them a proper caregiver, and overall spend time with them,” she concluded.

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