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Man Wants Fiancé Checked By His Dad In Front Of Family So They Know She’s Still ‘Pure’

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Man Wants Fiancé Checked By His Dad In Front Of Family So They Know She’s Still ‘Pure’

A woman’s happy engagement ended abruptly when her future in-laws made an unreasonable request that made her question the relationship.

A girl had a lot of feelings for her fiance. She was convinced that they were meant to be together and that she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life with anyone else.

“My fiancé proposed to me about 8 months ago. We decided on having a relatively small wedding, which is in two days. Everything was going great. He seems absolutely perfect, and we are very much in love,” the woman shared.

Only two days before their big day, her fiancé approached her with such an outlandish request: that his dad check her h*men in front of his siblings and uncles to see if she was still a virgin.

The woman laughed off the request since she found it ridiculous. But when her fiance insisted he was serious, she was taken aback.

He went on to say that in his culture, the groom’s father traditionally examines his bride’s purity the night before the wedding to make sure she is still “pure.” Utterly uncomfortable with the request, the woman stated she wasn’t sure she would do it.

The man demanded that she do it, saying that his own mother had to. “He said it would prove how much I love him,” she stated. She had nothing to conceal; he gaslighted her, as if she were a virgin.

What Did The Woman Decide to Do?

The lady couldn’t believe her ears. She broke off the engagement and left her fiance heartbroken. “It was very dramatic,” she said.

Even though she loved the man and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, a part of her wanted to cancel the wedding right then and there.

She gave some thought to participating in the peculiar ritual in order to gain acceptance into the family.

She took sanctuary at a friend’s apartment as she attempted to determine what to do.

The next day, she met with her fiance to tell him she would not submit to a physical examination by any male members of his family.

The groom argued that he had to do it if they were going to get married. Since she declined the initiation, he accused her of fibbing about her virginity.

The woman never lost her composure or her ability to think clearly under pressure. But the man became hostile, and her attempts to explain just made him more irate.

“I told him if he really loved me, he would stand by me on this and tell his father no,” the lady said.

She was surprised by his response because she had anticipated him to change his mind.

The man slapped the woman for saying this instead of supporting her. He assured his fiancee that he didn’t have anything to prove.

The woman was devastated when she found her ideal partner did not exist. He turned out to be an entirely different person, so she decided to call off their wedding.

The woman was miserable because of the circumstances. She moved in with a friend, gave herself permission to experience a broad spectrum of emotions, and then got back on her feet.

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This story surprised many people, who initially thought it was a fabrication until the woman emphasized its veracity. What you would do if you were in her shoes?

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