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Madonna Responds To The People Who Made Fun Of Her Face On The Annual Grammy Awards

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Madonna Responds To The People Who Made Fun Of Her Face On The Annual Grammy Awards

A few days ago, at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, American singer and songwriter Madonna startled fans with a brand new appearance. The singer took a lot of heat from her fans because of her unrecognisable appearance. In a social media post, Madonna responded to her detractors. Check her response below.

On Tuesday, Madonna replied to criticisms of her performance at the Grammy Awards, and she became very defensive. The legend posted a humorous clip to Instagram showing her chatting it up with Grammys attendees like Sam Smith and Cardi B.

Madonna Pens A Lengthy Caption

But Madonna responded to the cruel comments in a lengthy caption. The legendary singer started by lamenting the fact that her beautiful acceptance speech at the Grammys, in which she praised the courage of musicians, was overshadowed by discussions about intimate photographs of herself.

Madonna Explained The Reason For Her Puffier Face

After seeing the photos, Madonna commented on them, saying that the long lens used to capture them made her face look rounder and puffier than it actually was.

“The World Doesn’t Celebrate Older Women,” Madonna Said

Continuing her analysis, Madonna said she felt she was a victim of the pervasive ageism and sexism in the world. As far as she was concerned, the world stopped praising women after the age of 45.

More Thoughts From Madonna

She claims that the world does not applaud hardworking, independent women and even punishes them if they persist in these traits.

The Singer Will Not Apologize For Her Looks

Madonna stated that she would never apologize for her unconventional style or her artistic decisions.

The singer of “Like a Prayer” went on to say that she had been humiliated ever since she became famous, but that she accepted this as a test and was glad to “blaze the way” for future generations of women.

Inside Madonna’s Concluding Words

After paraphrasing a passage from Beyoncé’s smash track, You won’t shatter my soul, Madonna summed up her message with the words:

“I look forward to many more years of subversive behavior -pushing boundaries – standing up to the patriarchy – and most of all enjoying my life. Bow down b****es!”

Typical Fan Reactions

Since then, the post has racked up more than 320,000 likes and 12,000 comments, with many admirers and famous faces expressing their approval of Madonna’s style while others remaining unconvinced.

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