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Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex-husband Has Finally Spoke After Her Tragic Death

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Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex-husband Has Finally Spoke After Her Tragic Death

For eleven years, from 2006 to 2016, Lisa Marie was married to Lockwood, her fourth husband. After they tied the knot, the couple quickly learned they were expecting twins. When Lisa Marie married Danny Keough in 1998, she already had two children, then in 2008, she welcomed twins named Finley and Harper. Both Benjamin Keough (who sadly passed away in 2020) and his famous sister Riley Keough were met by Lisa Marie and Danny.

Lockwood is remembering their mother, Lisa Marie, who passed away too soon, and providing an update on their twins.

Michael Lockwood’s attorney confirmed after Lisa Marie Presley’s death that he has custody of his adolescent daughters. “Her children needed her, so Michael hoped for a rapid and thorough recovery. It’s a shame things didn’t turn out that way,” the statement said, according to Entertainment Tonight. “Michael’s entire world has changed. He is currently with both of his daughters.” He went on to convey his condolences to the Presley family.

Lisa Marie was well-known as a loving mother who was very involved in the lives of her children. In an interview with “ABC News” in 2004, Lisa Marie candidly expressed how much she was looking forward to becoming a mother to her and Lockwood’s twins. “Having children makes everything better,” she explained. “Even if you’re an adult, no matter what’s happening, they’re always there, so whatever they’re going through, you go through it with them as well. They act as your anchor, pushing you to abandon your identity and focus solely on them, which is fantastic. Oh, everything is fantastic.”

After the loss of her son Benjamin in 2020, Lisa Marie was outspoken about her sorrow. She wrote a heartbreaking piece for People in August 2022, in which she revealed that her desire to provide for her girls was the driving force behind her continued existence.

Before her untimely end, Michael Lockwood thought that Lisa Marie Presley would be able to overcome the medical condition that ultimately led to her death. Lockwood’s lawyer, in a statement that is even more tragic now than when it was first issued, expressed his worry for the pain that Lockwood, Presley, and her daughters were in. “As is customary, Michael will be fine. The most important problem, both now and in the past, has always been Lisa Marie’s healing and the children’s safety.”

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“They are great young ladies who don’t need this in their lives,” Lockwood’s lawyer told Us Weekly. Michael is praying that she gets well soon so that they can take care of their kids.

Despite Lockwood’s well-intentioned words of support for his ex-wife when she was down, the couple did not appear to have a cordial relationship following their 2016 divorce. The custody struggle between the ex-spouses, over Harper and Finley, had been going on for a long time and was becoming increasingly contentious. According to Us Weekly, the couple did not finalize their divorce until May of 2021, despite the fact that they had been apart since 2016. Lockwood was already over her and engaged to someone else.

It was obvious that the ex-relationship couple’s was strained during the duration of their legal struggle; in fact, a source reported this tension to The Sun in 2021. An informant claimed that after years of litigation with Lisa, Michael is finally done, but that the final custody order has not yet been signed since they are still working out the details.

Because he is so ready to marry Stephanie [Hobgood] and move on with his life, he is fine with the breakup. It’s absurd to assume that he wants to keep them together. It took until May of 2021 for the divorce to be finalized, and according to Lockwood’s ex-wife, that was because he was stalling on filing for child support. “He wants to put it first, and they are still arguing over possessions, so there are a lot of other factors at work here.”

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