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Nicolas Cage ‘Heartbroken’ Over Death Of Ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley

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Nicolas Cage ‘Heartbroken’ Over Death Of Ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley

Many people all across the world were crushed to hear about Lisa Marie Presley’s passing. Everyone mourns in sorrow, but especially her close friends and family.

Former spouse Nicolas Cage has also spoken out about how her passing has affected him.

Speculation regarding Lisa Marie Presley’s connection with Nicolas Cage began almost immediately after it began to unfold. They started dating in 2001, but broke up in the beginning of 2002. Later, in August of 2002, they reconciled and were married. In November of 2002, the couple made the decision to divorce. Their separation was finalized in 2004.

Cage reportedly told reporters at the time that he did not wish to discuss his friendship with Presley. He reportedly stated, “I did not talk about the marriage and I am not going to talk about the divorce. But I loved her.”

But Lisa Marie Presley was more open about hers. In an interview from 2003, she remarked, “We’re both so dramatic and dynamic that when it was good it was unbelievably good, and when it was bad it was just a f**king bloody nightmare for everybody.”

According to her, they were destined for divorce from the start of their relationship.

Nicolas Cage, 59, released a statement to the media upon hearing the news of her death. He said, “This is devastating news. Lisa had the greatest laugh of anyone I ever met. She lit up every room, and I am heartbroken. I find some solace believing she is reunited with her son Benjamin.”

Previous husbands include Danny Keough, Michael Jackson, and Michael Lockwood in addition to Cage.

She and Lockwood had a pair of teenage daughters together. In a statement, he said he would be putting his attention on his wife and their two girls as they deal with the aftermath of the tragedy.

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“Michael had been hoping for a speedy and complete recovery because her children needed her. It is very sad it didn’t turn out that way,” Lockwood’s attorney, Joe Yanny, stated. “Michael’s world has been turned on its ear. He is with both of his daughters now.”

Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie’s mother, is 77 years old. She is survived by her three daughters: Riley Keough, 33, Finley Lockwood, and Harper Lockwood, who are twins. It was in 2020 when her son, Benjamin Keough, took his own life.

All throughout the world, people are grieving Lisa Marie Presley’s passing. The entire community is praying for the family and friends of the deceased.

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