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King Charles Returns To Sandringham After Cancer Treatment

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King Charles Returns To Sandringham After Cancer Treatment

After traveling 150 miles to the royal estate of Sandringham to resume his cancer treatment, King Charles has now returned to his home base.

The monarch reportedly wasn’t with his devoted wife Queen Camilla because she had official business to attend to.

In the face of his diagnosis, which by all accounts came as a shock after the 75-year-old had undergone treatment for an enlarged prostate, Charles has tried his hardest to maintain his bravery and stoicism.

Charles started his way back to Sandringham, waving to well-wishers who had fathered him at Buckingham Palace and along the Mall. He was wearing a fine suit and tie.

As we previously reported, the King and Queen Camilla arrived back to Buckingham Palace by helicopter to resume the King’s treatment. However, rumors have it that Charles preferred Sandringham since it gives him more solitude.

“When the King visits Sandringham, it’s a place where he can get some solace,” a source told Hello Magazine! “One of the tour guides mentioned how he enjoys having his breakfast tea and afternoon tea in front of the backdrop of his beautiful gardens. Even when the house is open and he is staying there, the King tends to reside upstairs.”

The Daily Express reports that King Charles completed his second round of therapy ;the specifics of his treatment plan are undisclosed due to the type of cancer he has, but additional treatment is anticipated later this month.

Furthermore, Charles has put off doing any future public duties, although he will still carry out his stately obligations, which include meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak once a week.

After the cancer news was revealed, the Royal Family largely expressed the opinion that everything will carry on as usual. It appears that optimism is the rule of the day, however anyone who has ever witnessed a loved one battle cancer will understand the King’s struggle to travel the considerable distance back to Sandringham without his wife’s support.

The royal family is not in a good place right now, as evidenced by Kate Middleton’s recent health problems and Prince Harry’s ongoing hostility toward his family, but Charles’s diagnosis has come at a poor time.

Prince William is already preoccupied with his wife Kate’s unexplained abdominal surgery, which will prevent her from working until after Easter. This is even before considering the possibility that he could help his father.

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As previously mentioned, Queen Camilla can be counted on to support her husband no matter what, even though she will occasionally need to be separated from him due to her own royal obligations. According to rumors, the Queen declared last week that her spouse was doing “extremely well under the circumstances.” She continued by saying that the King had been “very touched” by all of the supportive comments from the general population.

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