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Kate Middleton Hasn’t Been Seen In 2 Months & People Are Starting To Make Shocking Claims

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Kate Middleton Hasn’t Been Seen In 2 Months & People Are Starting To Make Shocking Claims

While she heals from an abdominal surgery she had in January, Kate Middleton is taking a break from her royal responsibilities. But is there more going on behind the scenes?

Well, some royal observers sure seem to think so. Almost two months have gone since Kate was last seen in public, and some people are beginning to think that the royal family is hiding something. Kate was last seen in public around Christmas.

No one has seen the Princess of Wales in a long time.

As Nicki Swift noted, Kate’s final public appearance occurred on Christmas Eve, when she went on her yearly family walk in Sandringham.

Only a few weeks later, the palace announced that Kate had been hospitalized and would not be performing her royal duties until after Easter while she healed.

A lot of time has gone by, yet there hasn’t been much news.

The palace informed the public that Kate had been released from the hospital about two weeks after the news of her hospitalization broke, but there has been no further word on Kate’s health since.

She’s still healing, of course, but it’s odd that after all this time we haven’t seen any pictures of her at home — not to mention that the exact illness she had (or is still experiencing) has remained a mystery.

Talk about motherhood with mothers. and generate revenue while doing it.

People are beginning to question what’s happening.

In addition to wondering where Kate is, many people are even more skeptical because it doesn’t appear that the press has looked into it either, which may mean that the royal family has already stopped any investigation.

“No one is asking for detailed information on Kate Middleton’s health,” one person wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “We are pointing out that the palace released pretty nebulous statements with no pap or official photos and the british press (known for their utmost respect of privacy) just went ‘ok.'”

Some people’s theories about what’s going on are rather outrageous.

“After extensive web research whilst doing laundry, I am now convinced Kate Middleton is either negotiating the largest divorce settlement the BRF has ever paid out, is recovering from a mental health crisis, or is dead,” one person tweeted.

Another tweeted, “A theory that might also be very likely is that #KateMiddleton took the kids and left #PrinceWilliam to stay with her parents. If not, why wouldn’t the kids be seen being paraded around by #WorkshyWilly?”

It’s a long time for Kate to disappear—from Christmas to Easter.

Hopefully, the situation isn’t as dire as many are making it out to be. The most likely possibility in this situation might be exactly what the palace has said: Kate is taking the time she needs to recover after a significant surgery. It’s fantastic that she can have this much privacy while doing it, if nothing else.

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