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If You Want To Be Miserable Keep On Doing These 7 Things


If You Want To Be Miserable Keep On Doing These 7 Things

Sadness is a very underrated word but it is a fact. They say, “Sadness begets sadness”. It feels like an endless loop from which there is no escape. It has a highly fatalistic connotation which has the immense capacity of crippling one’s soul. You just cannot seem to get out of it. It is darkness and hopelessness embodying your life. It’s a stream of constant flowing tears down your cheeks and nothing can make it all right. You feel life should end here.

There are many reasons for a person to be sad. It may be a particular memory that has triggered it, or extreme low self confidence or esteem. It greatly depends on the way a person decides to tackle it or control it. Sometimes it looks irreparable but trust me, it passes.

Sad people usually demonstrate a common streak of actions or emotions that follow with their episodes of feeling low. Let’s take a look at those 7 commonly delivered things.

1. They don’t seem to be happy with anything in life

This is a common trait among sad people. They have been suffering for so long that they begin to paint their life negatively. Everything seems to bug them. They aren’t satisfied with anything, they complain and complain. Sometimes, the behavior overtakes their emotions to become a habit. They indulge in endless blame game. As a result, they overlook the major issue that lies within them. They cannot sideline their responsibilities forever. They have to try hard to be positive. They need to acknowledge their imperfections, embrace them and learn to rectify them.

2. Their thoughts stop at the end of the boundary they themselves create

Such people cannot see much beyond their own grief and loneliness. They feel lowly and alone. They begin to see the whole world in black and white. All their desires and wishes to do something reduces to dust. Their sadness takes over their priorities, close all the doors to the limitless possibilities and they stay cooped up in their own dark den. They don’t dare to think innovative. Hence the loop of sadness needs to be broken; dwelling too much on the same emotion can turn catastrophic for them.

3. They constantly search for validation

They sulk and nag and, in this process, they desire tremendous attention from others. They develop this general feeling that nobody loves them, so they keep wanting others to pay them attention. This becomes too much at times. Your purpose in life shouldn’t be to please others. You have to carry forward with your own life and not think about how others will react to your issues. At the same time, it is necessary to share your problems with someone close who can help you get over it. Don’t allow your seeking for external attention to harp on your attitude, otherwise it takes a negative turn forcing you to become someone you are not.

4. The tendency to pity your own self is high and consistent

A sad person swallows in sad thoughts and feeds them to their overthinking brain. This makes them even more sad. Such thoughts lead to overload of negative emotions and they break down. No amount of positive advice can seem to pull them out of their despair. They doubt their own selves, pity them; fail to rescue them from the worry that bothers them. Self doubt or self pity becomes dangerous for a person’s character.

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5. Complete negativity surrounds them

They get caught up in negative self talk. They hold themselves responsible for their suffering. They accuse their own selves of not being able to break out of the sadness. As a result, they get caught up in a loop which slowly begins to affect their mental and physical health. The mind gets out of focus when one negative thought climbs on another, creating an unbreakable mountain. This comes from one’s emphasis on too much sadness. Thus, they become victim of their own sadness.

6. They feel they have turned lonelier than ever

When other people cannot empathize with you on your issues, you begin to feel alone. Loneliness grabs you and eats the life out you. You feel isolated, you become socially isolated too. You ignore social gatherings and you get caught up in your own thoughts. As a result, the sadness aggravates. You feel others will reject you because of your problems. But you are wrong. Conversing with friends and family, and being in their company, can get beneficial for sad people. So stop cutting people off.

7. They usually refuse to seek any form of help

This is the biggest mistake committed by them. You have to open up and approach others for help. You have to seek for their support. You have to try to put an end to it; otherwise, your life is doomed. Such people convince themselves that others cannot understand their problems, so they seek comfort in isolation. This will increase your sadness further. Such instances make your sadness painful, as well as harmful. So speak up.

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