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If You Possess Half Of These 8 Abilities, You’re Spiritually Grown Person…


If You Possess Half Of These 8 Abilities, You’re Spiritually Grown Person…

Are you are looking to find your peace and inner strength? Do you wish to locate your place in the greater scheme of things? Do you wonder why you exist in this Universe?

Wise men that have walked on this road before us have left markers for us to find the way. We can delve into the knowledge of the Universe to deepen our understanding, however, it is always imperative that we draw our conclusions from our own experiences.

The best guides show you where to look and let you decide what to look for, because:

1. They realize how important self-discovery is

Life is a whole tangle of complications, and everyone handles it differently. A spiritually mature person understands that each individual deals with things differently; what might be good for you might be terrible for someone else. To be a spiritually mature person is to look through everyone else’s perspective and help them find solutions themselves. They act as guides, and offer advice but they refrain from providing conclusions to someone else’s life.

2. They do not judge people based on religion

Passionate religious and spiritual beliefs tend to be forged in a way that is hard for other people to relate to. Not so much other practitioners who can find common ground, but the personal relationship one has to the Universe and creation. Strong adherence to a religious belief prevents people from relating to your thought process. The personal relationship one has to have with the Universe cannot be fixed into rules made by other practitioners. People accept religion as a method of understanding their place in the Universe. It is a way of awakening the spirit and drawing them closer to the world of spirituality.

People may come to religion because they are trying to understand their place in the Universe or have a moment of recognition and awakening that draws them closer.

However, someone with deep spiritual maturity will always understand that religious difference doesn’t change anything. At the end of the day, every religion preaches the basic human qualities of kindness, love and forgiveness. One doesn’t need to adhere to a specific religion to practice these qualities. In fact, tolerance for other belief systems helps in the greater understanding of the world.

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3. They are always charitable and kind

Defining the range of love is well outside of the scope or capability of this article. But, one small piece of love is action. Love can be manifested in many ways, and one of them is through action.

Love isn’t just an abstract concept; it requires effort, time, patience and courage. Sometimes it is a challenge to make the voluntary choice to love, extend kindness and charity, especially to people who are less fortunate, and especially if you have had bad experiences because of it. Some people think kindness is a show of weakness and they take advantage of it, and you might give up on being kind. Yes, being charitable is not easy and it requires strength, but it is the best thing to be.

4. They understand that they must love themselves as well as others

A spiritually healthy person understands the concept of loving not just others but themselves as well. They understand that it is okay to have boundaries and limits, and it is important to put one’s needs above the desires of other people.

It is important to realize that people who care about you and your well being are not going to want you to turn yourself inside out for them.

Self love is more than self-esteem. It is about actively stopping yourself from being damaged. The idea of selflessness is unhealthy and inadvisable in real life, no matter how glorified it might be in literature.

5. They understand that there is seldom one right answer

The spiritually mature person knows that no one can have all of the answers to this puzzle we call existence. Most people don’t even have a fragment of the answers.

To be spiritually mature is to realize that you might never have all the answers. At best, there is only a fragment of the puzzle of existence that we can understand and comprehend.

A spiritually aware person understands that they cannot give all the answers to someone. Never will their lives be so uncomplicated that they will know wrong from right without any doubt, and they are okay with it.

6. They don’t waste their time by holding grudges

Anger is a valid human emotion. It’s also not a very useful one unless it is used to fuel some meaningful, beneficial action. While anger is a common, human reaction, it is not a useful one unless it is channelized to fuel a positive action. Mindlessly holding a grudge and arguing with people is a futile act and it causes more harm than good.

Without a purpose, anger can only hurt those around you and the effort of carrying all that venom inside you leaves you disenchanted and jaded.

7. They understand love and empathy are not always easy

There is a lot written about the warmth and light of love and compassion. There is not so much written about the dark sides of love. People talk about how happy and warm love is, but there is darkness and pain in love too. Being in love and caring about someone means there will be pain and sorrow involved. A spiritually mature person knows that. Life is seldom easy and it throws in bonus challenges once in a while to mix things up for us.

Frankly, it is easy to have a good time with just about anyone. People living in the euphoria of lust and infatuation and think love is pure happiness. Love is also fighting the darkness and comforting those you love when the storm hits. Always remember that it’s not going to be easy.

8. Love is not just a feeling, but also a choice

And sometimes it can be a difficult choice to make.

And making this choice is a difficult decision. Sometimes we end up loving someone who doesn’t make the same choice as us. We cannot decide who we will be attracted to, but we do have to decide who is worth fighting for. This society has created unrealistic expectations out of love, no surprises there. Acts of love are seldom grand; they are mostly just the choice to put someone’s needs before your wants and desires. A spiritually aware person instinctively understands the importance of empathy and small acts of love in someone else’s life, and knows how not just to fall in love, but have the courage to carry it out as well.

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