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12 Signs You Are A Naturally Powerful White Witch

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12 Signs You Are A Naturally Powerful White Witch

Witchcraft isn’t what mainstream media and popular myths have made it out to be. It has never been about a bunch of women hunched over a cauldron. Witchcraft is a much deeper and important craft which has been used since ages and ages ago to heal and help.

Like everything, it also has a dark and a light side to it. A white witch is a person who works to make the world a better place. They are drawn towards other people who need their help and ensure that they get it.

They don’t have any special features to distinguish them from others. They just have an all encompassing heart which compels them to work for a better and kinder world.

If you feel some similarities between these characteristics below and yourself, chances are that you are a white witch too:

1. Being able to sense something special within yourself

Such people realize that they are different from others. They have a power within which is missing in the others. This power might or might not be apparent, but it exists below the surface.

2. Having dreams with deep meanings

Their dreams are never the broken unintelligible dreams of the masses. They have vivid, intense dreams which seem to have an underlying meaning to them. If tried, their meanings could be deciphered and used in real life. This is like an internal voice speaking to them through their inner consciousness.

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3. They have a sensitive soul

Such people are very sensitive towards the negative elements of the world. They are greatly affected by them even if they don’t wish to be so. A reason behind it could be that they aren’t aware of their own energies and thus are unable to protect it properly.

4. Nature is a loved escape to them

Nature seems to solve all problems for them. It brings them peace of mind and physical health too. They would prefer spending most of their times outdoors rather than spend it at home.

5. They prefer using natural and alternative medicines

Natural methods come easy to them. They avoid using conventional medication wherever they can, instead replacing it with herbal concoctions. Natural medicines are easy and safe, and thus are their first preference.

6. They wish to help the planet in every way

They are the strongest advocates for making the planet a better place to live for everyone, be it human beings, animals or plants. They wish to live with love and light, dispelling darkness and hate by becoming better people.

7. They feel drawn towards animals

Like with nature, these people feel a special connection with animals. Sometimes this connection is especially strong with one particular species. This is a sure sign of the powers within them.

8. The greater good holds importance for them

Such people believe in the goodness of humankind. They are of the opinion that even a small act of kindness makes big impacts in the bigger picture. Thus even if we are unable to see it at this time, we should never back off from doing good as it helps in the greater good.

9. They believe in the things they can’t see

They are ardent believers of the idea that just because we can’t see something with our own eyes doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. This makes them believers in the power of magic.

10. They feel different than the others

They’ve always felt out of place in the conventional society. For some reason or the other, they’ve never really connected with what’s normal for others.

11. They give importance to both past and the future

To them, every part of the timeline holds equal importance. They realize how activities of the past could have a profound impact on the present and the future, and never treat any aspect of this lightly. This makes them realize the importance of every moment.

12. They notice things most people don’t

They have a stronger intuition than most, thus enabling them to understand things which others struggle with. This makes it easier for them to understand and provide solutions to situations which others might fail at.

White witches are forever on the path which leads to the betterment of the society around them. They must realize and harness the energy inside them which would lead to growth for both themselves as well as the world.

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