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If You Notice These 9 Signs In Your Girl, Do Not Let Her Go!


If You Notice These 9 Signs In Your Girl, Do Not Let Her Go!

Spirituality brings you closer to yourself.

People who are spiritually endowed carry a general aura of positivity. Some become healers, but all of them enrich the environment they inhabit. Not only do they cleanse their own lives, but they pick the negativity out of yours as well.

This list is a compilation of qualities that favor a relationship with a spiritual soul.

#1: She believes in fate, but she doesn’t rely on it

She is a hustler. Gifts of chance such as barely making it past a traffic ticket, or skipping the line at Target, are brilliant occurrences. But a spiritual woman does not depend on coincidences to shape her life. She has faith in the working of the universe and knows the glorious path it holds. However, it only makes her work harder to achieve it. We lose aim, we stumble off the Chosen Path, but we can always bounce right back.

#2: She’s genuine

She runs by her own will, and knows herself well. She is honestly aware of the consequences of her acts, and is clear in her own judgement. These women are humans of massive depth. Sometimes, it is baffling how well they understand this world.

#3: She’s in love with life (and humanity in general)

She is grateful for her days, and does not take them for granted. That is what makes her so special. She finds a rainbow in the storm, and refuses to spend hours indulging in toxicity. Her entire life is a tribute to healing the world.

#4: She’s in love with learning (and evolving)

All her life, she has hunted the meaning behind the cosmos, knowing she’ll never find it. It made her mature, and patient. She can argue logically, and keep calm in times of crisis. This woman is addicted to growing. You will often find her head nestled between pages, trying to consume whatever information she can.

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#5: She knows that the future is never 100% certain – so she shapes it as much as possible

You make your destiny as you go. She has a vague picture of what her life is going to be, but she finds excitement in filling out the boxes. Who knows which dot connects to which line? She finds the journey very exciting, and works hard for it.

#6: She has strong faith in general – and in the right things and ways

Gut feeling is the key. I have observed that in most women, this sixth sense never fails. They perceive the energies efficiently, and can therefore avert obstacles. When she warns you about something, listen to her. Chances are that it will save you from a huge loss.

#7: She values human beings and the environment over computers and new technology

For her, #GoGreen isn’t limited to a social media hashtag. She genuinely loves being close to nature. It helps her sensory perceptions take a flight. Artificial lighting or the blue screen doesn’t sit too well with her. Her soul is older than the rest. New generations indulge in social media, and use it to escape from reality, but she’s not that kind, and will never be.

#8: She believes in global and Universal compassion

Preach kindness. Spiritual women are extremely sensitive and caring individuals. She spearheads donation drives, and influences privileged households to help their fellow beings. This woman is here with a mission. As mentioned in #3, she loves herself AND humanity. She knows that we all need ourselves to survive, one way or another.

#9: She perceives herself as being part of the Universe

She carries the world on her shoulders. Having undergone the roller coaster of human emotions, experiences, victory, and defeat, they can easily connect with all human beings. She feels more attached to this planet than most of us, and tries to fix it as though it were her responsibility. A spiritually sensitive being is a gift to humanity.

If you already have a spiritual girl as your girlfriend and recognize any of these signs in her, it’s best that you never let her go! You already have a gift from the universe!

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