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If You Do These 5 Things You Will Regret It For The Rest Of Your Life


If You Do These 5 Things You Will Regret It For The Rest Of Your Life

Our whole life is just a combination of good and bad decisions. These are elements which make up our daily life, the people we turn out to be and the way we are known in society.

It is impossible to only make good ethical decisions from the day we are born. Therefore, most people use their bad decisions as lessons to avoid mistakes in the future.

However, some mistakes linger on in our lives for too long and become impossible to ignore.

Here are some things you should never do so you don’t have to regret making that one decision that spoiled your life.

1. Love is an amazing emotion

The greatest in fact – there is no denying that. However, if we constantly think about a certain individual, the excess may cause too much harm.

Many people think about the other person they are in a relationship with as a form of a god or goddess, in the metaphorical sense. They believe they are perfect and are always engaged in their holiness, so as to speak.

Never depend so highly on anyone. Before you are someone else’s, you are yours. We should make ourselves depend only on ourselves.

2. Don’t drink and drive

Drink all you want for fun but don’t put yourself in a situation where your fun can take yours or someone else’s life. It is a very selfish thing to do and includes itself as one of the worst decisions you can make in life.

The brain does not function very effectively or even normally when you are under influence. So it doesn’t matter if you are a male or female, or young or old – just don’t drive or engage in any activity that might be taking a risk under influence.

People usually think it is impressive to show how they are capable of handling booze on an adrenaline rush but it’s a very stupid risk to take. It shows how reckless you are for yourself and for others. Not cool.

3. Try not to be under debt

By owing someone money, you are literally giving a chunk of your freedom away. With the presence of so many laws attached to debt today, you are sure to get stuck with it at some point. You can take credit but you will hardly be able to get rid of it and you will be stuck with it for a lifetime!

You can tell yourself that you will be able to pay it off by doing this and that but it will take much longer than that, so never put yourself in a situation that takes your financial freedom away.

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4. Smoking is definitely something you should avoid at all costs

It will literally kill you. Millions of people die from using tobacco all the time. It takes away the power of consciousness, which is god gifted. It makes you emotionally lazier and less effective when it comes to making good decisions. It will really rot you inside out.

There are so many of the anti-smoking campaigns these days yet people learn so little from them. Cigarette smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancer. It also causes various cancers and other health problems such as lung disease, heart and blood vessel disease, stroke and cataracts. 

5. Take chances!

If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you will never get what you want! It is your time to fix this habit or you will be regretting it on your death bed. You must never settle for being ordinary or anything less than what makes you happy; so if you want that girl or that job, go for it! It doesn’t matter if people say she is out of your league or you have no chance for that job. You might just be the lucky one!

Don’t fall prey to the societies bitterness and hatred and don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that you are less than what you feel like you deserve, or that you are not worthy for it. These people themselves must have failed to achieve something at a point and don’t want you getting there either. Don’t let them hold you back!

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