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Nancy Sinatra Is About To Turn 83 In January, But Wait Till You See How She Looks Now


Nancy Sinatra Is About To Turn 83 In January, But Wait Till You See How She Looks Now

On June 8, 1940, Nancy Sinatra was born to pop icon Frank Sinatra and his wife, Nancy Barbato Sinatra.

During Sinatra’s formative years, his family relocated to the New Jersey neighborhood of Hasbrouck Heights.

You’d think the little girl’s meteoric rise to singing fame would have been effortless, given her environment of celebrity and wealth.

However, her debut singles were not successful, and she was nearly dropped from her father’s label, Reprise Records. However, after some vocal coaching and a makeover, Nancy found the success for which she is best known.

While living in California with her family while her father pursued an acting career in Hollywood, Nancy participated in ballet, acting, piano, and voice classes.

Her signature go-go boots and the accompanying song, “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” have become cultural icons. Despite the lack of MTV, the song did receive a music video.

In 2016, Nancy Sinatra said that the first time she heard [writer-producer] Lee Hazlewood play the bass line on his guitar in her mother’s living room, she knew it was going to be a smash. She predicted it would be a smash hit when she first heard it in the studio. Her recommendation to Lee was to release the song minus the vocals. The fact that young women throughout history have worn it is evidence of the style’s enduring popularity. She managed to snap a picture of it and thinks the trend played a role in its popularity.

The song that earned her three Grammy nominations came after a difficult period in her life, during which she dropped out of college after a year, got married and divorced, and was almost abandoned by her father’s record label.

By the grace of songwriter Lee Hazlewood, she learned to sing in a lower register, adopted the “Carnaby Street” persona, and in 1966 released the song for which she is best known, “Love Will Keep Us Alive,” which topped both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.

After her success, she released a number of albums and singles, such as “How Does That Grab You, Darlin’?” and “Sugar Town.” She also had starring roles in movies, such as The Wild Angels (1966) with Peter Fonda and Speedway (1968) with Elvis Presley.

The designer took a hiatus from her career in the 1970s so she could focus on her family after her second marriage to Hugh Lambert produced children.

But at age 54, she came back with a vengeance, making an appearance for Playboy and releasing her third album, which features Bono and Morrissey, the latter of whom she calls a “mentor.”

After her father’s passing, she wrote two books about him and had him honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She also thinks she lost her signature go-go boots but is unsure when this may have occurred.

While Sinatra wed rising star and young singer Tommy Sands in 1960, the couple would later divorce.

In 1970, when she met Hugh Lambert, she was eager to start a new chapter in her life by getting married. Nancy temporarily stepped away from the spotlight to focus on raising her two children. In 1985, Lambert lost his battle with cancer and died.

These days, Nancy is always on the go and has no plans to slow down. In 2020, Nancy will launch her online store Nancy’s Bootique, where fans can buy CDs, exclusive merchandise, and signed items directly from Nancy herself.

Until 2021, Nancy also hosted a radio show called Nancy for Frank, on which she talked openly about her life and her relationship with her late father.

What a legendary figure in the world of fashion who is still having an impact today.

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