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Homeless Herbie Hallelujah Will Give You Chills All Over Your Body

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Homeless Herbie Hallelujah Will Give You Chills All Over Your Body

Wait until you see and hear these guys!

Millions of people have heard Herbie Russ sing, they just don’t know it.

He has lent his vocals skills to commercial work for such clients as AT&T, The Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and the Fox Network. Herbie is also the voice behind the Detroit Tigers theme song “Home Again” for Comerica Park.

With a voice reminiscent of Joe Cocker and Michael McDonald – Herbie delivers each song with passion, and soulful emotion.

His humor and warmth shine through as well, making it easy to see why he is in constant demand all across the state of Michigan, and beyond. Performing a mix of smooth jazz, blues, motown, R&B, soul, pop, and more…Herbie will keep you truly entertained!

But it wasn’t always like this…

Herbie dropped out of school in the 11th grade, and was then kicked out of his parent’s home for doing drugs.

He was a very gifted saxophone player and would ride his bike 10 miles to play with bands, and his payment would be drugs or drug money.

He spent 2 years living in a car and/or couch-surfing, when he wore out his welcome. He then would get himself auditions with acts that were on the road, because he knew he’d get hotel rooms.

His singing and playing ability allowed him to live that way for a while. After a gig was up, he’d be back to living in a car because all of his money went to drugs.

After years of drifting, homelessness, drugs, and being arrested, he eventually turned to God and said “You’ve given me this talent, I need some direction.

At that point, he felt he was led to a homeless shelter, where he offered to sing and play. The director said, “We don’t need that. What we need is someone to spackle and repair the walls in the basement. The food is spoiling.” Herbie saw how bad things could be. People suffering mental illness, severe drug addiction, loss of entire family…

He began to donate all the tips from his gigs to the homeless shelter. That amount was eventually THOUSANDS of dollars.

To this day, he’ll often hire homeless people to carry his PA and gear, like the example bellow.

He’s 54 years old, and has been working regularly in Detroit as a musician and vocalist for years.

He realizes at 54 he’s just one slip-up away from homelessness…Or losing his regular weekly house gig.

He still likes to give to the homeless and remind himself of where he could be…

The song bellow published by Made in America will give you goosebumps!

Homeless Herbie Hallelujah

Wait until you see and hear these guys

Posted by Mabe In America on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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