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Granny is way more amused by the story than her grandson, and it’s hilarious

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Granny is way more amused by the story than her grandson, and it’s hilarious

I was partly raised by my grandmother. Many characteristics I’ve built through time was because of her.

It can’t say how thankful I am to her for being always, ALWAYS there for me. We went through thick and thin together.

I am too young to be a grandparent, but I found incredible answer on Quora from Charlotte Best to the question: What does it feel like to be a grandparent? I think you will love the answer!

“I look at these four children and my heart feels as if it will burst. To me, they are perfect in every way. My daughters roll their eyes at me and give me a resounding “Oh, Mother!” but honestly, if it’s possible, I think I love my grandchildren more than my own children. And I adore my children!

When my eldest grandchild called me “Mimi” for the first time, I thought I would melt. When my granddaughters call from Texas to tell my husband and me they miss us and want us to come back, planet Earth stops spinning. When my younger grandson greets me with our “secret” superhero sign and a hug, my cheeks hurt from smiling.

When I read to them, they fit perfectly under my arm; they were made for that. When we have dance parties and sleepovers and puzzle fests, I feel like a kid again. When I go to their games and plays and school events, I marvel at them. When they sit at the kitchen counter (they call it “Mimi’s diner”) waiting for me to finish their favorite french toast, I am overwhelmed with love.

It’s joy, delight, glee, elation, bliss. I need more words that have not been thought of yet.”

I guess it’s really beautiful to have grandchildren. I hope one day I will have a few toddlers running in my house and experience the same as Charlotte.

The video bellow is hilarious!

Sometimes my grandma used to do the same thing. She would just read me a story and laugh like crazy on something she finds funny. And as I remember, at times it was frustrating!

Thanks to Scottish Granny for this amazing video! Make sure to follow them on their Facebook Page for more!

Watch this hilarious video bellow:

I Need a New Bum! written by Dawn McMillan, illustrated by Ross Kinnaird. Published by Oratia Books.Read with permission – copyright Dawn McMillan, Ross Kinnaird and Oratia BooksBook is available from good booksellers

Posted by The Scottish Granny on Saturday, 22 September 2018

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