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Girl Writes To God After Her Dog Passes Away And Gets A Heartwarming ‘Response’

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Girl Writes To God After Her Dog Passes Away And Gets A Heartwarming ‘Response’

Little Meredith was broken down after her dog passed away. She didn’t really want to eat or sleep. One day she wrote down a letter to God as she couldn’t hold the pain anymore. But a few days later, they got a package wrapped in gold adressed to her daughter…

14-Year-Old Dog Is Old In Dog Years

Joy and Greg, her husband, knew that the day would have to come where the dog will have to leave them “14 years is old for a dog,” Joy tried explaining to her daughter.

Little Meredith loved her dog with all her heart. Every day after preschool they would go in the backyard and play for hours. She couldn’t imagine a life without her beloved dog Abbey.

Joy tried explaining to her daughter that Abbey is now in heaven playing with God in a beautiful green forest, but Meredith didn’t want to take a single bite and cried all the time.

The next morning she asked her mother: “but how will God recognize Abbey, mommy?” she asked Joy sadly.

“Well, let’s write him a letter,” Joy responded. She got a piece of pen and paper and asked her daughter to dictate the words to her.

“Dear God,” Meredith’s letter began.

“Will you please take special care of our dog, Abbey? She died yesterday and is in heaven. We miss her very much. We are happy that you let us have her as our dog even though she got sick,” Meredith dictated word by word to her mother.

“I hope that you will play with her. She likes to play with balls and swim before she got sick,” the letter continued.

“I am sending some pictures of her so that when you see her in heaven, you will know she is our special dog. But I really do miss her. Love, Meredith Claire.” Then, Meredith and her mother picked their two favorite photos of Abbey, and put them in the envelope. Little did they know, their letter would soon become an internet sensation.

Joy wrote their return address on the envelope and went to the Brook Hollow post office to mail it to “Heaven”.

But a few days later, the family received a mysterious gold-color paper package adressed to Mer. Who was it from?!

Joy ran joyfully in her daughter’s room with shouting: “Meredith, Meredith! You won’t believe what came for you in the mail!”

Little Meredith unwrapped the package in no time, and inside was a book titled “When a Pet Dies,” written by Mr. Rogers.

 “Inside the front cover was the letter we had written to God, in its opened envelope (which was marked ‘Return to Sender: Insufficient address’), there was a letter,” Joy recalls.

The letter began with “Dear Mer”

“I know that you will be happy to know that Abbey arrived safely and soundly in Heaven! Having the pictures you sent to me was such a big help. I recognized Abbey right away,” Joy read out loud to her daughter.

“You know, Meredith, she isn’t sick anymore. Her spirit is here with me — just like she stays in your heart — young and running and playing. Abbey loved being your dog, you know.”

“Since we don’t need our bodies in heaven, I don’t have any pockets! — so I can’t keep your beautiful letter. I am sending it to you with the pictures so that you will have this book to keep and remember Abbey,” the letter continued.

“One of my angels is taking care of this for me. I hope the little book helps. Thank you for the beautiful letter. Thank your mother for sending it. What a wonderful mother you have! I picked her especially for you.”

“I send my blessings every day, and remember that I love you very much. By the way, I am in heaven and wherever there is love. Love, God, and the special angel who wrote this after God told her the words.” Joy burst into tears after she finished reading the letter to her daughter.

But who had sent it?

Meredith’s mother described her daughter’s reaction when they received the package from “Heaven”.

“She wasn’t surprised because she had such faith that her letter was going to get to God,” she spoke in an interview. But her 6-year-old brother “thought it was pretty special his sister got a book from the angel.” But who was the “angel” that did such a selfless act of kindness?

“I kind of like not knowing,” Joy said.

“I don’t know who took the time to do it, but it was an angel. We all think about doing these things, but no one takes the time to do it.”

“As a parent and a pet lover, this is one of the kindest things that I’ve ever experienced,” Joy continued.

“I have no way to know who sent it, but there is some very kind soul working in the dead letter office. Just wanted to share this act of compassion.” Meredith is now 17-years-old and owns two adorable collies.

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