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Giant Service Dog Gives All For Little Girl With Rare Disorder

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Giant Service Dog Gives All For Little Girl With Rare Disorder

Bella is a typical 11-year-old girl, with the exception that she has been diagnosed with Morquio syndrome.

In a nutshell, Bella’s illness causes her mobility to progressively decline over time, and she will never regain it.

Photo: YouTube

Their daughter will lose the ability to walk independently in the near future, as was explained to them a few years ago.

However, the family never gave up hope.

When George arrived, things began to change. Bella’s life was altered irrevocably.

In a word, Bella and George are inseparable. He’s her service dog, and he helps her get around so she can accomplish the things she wants to do. A service dog with a “do not pet” and “service dog” harness.

George, by virtue of his responsibilities, has become Bella’s idol; the two are now almost inseparable.

Bella finally decided it was time to reward her loyal friend with some downtime.

Since he does so much for her, she felt obligated to repay him.

Bella’s family reached out to BarkPost, a well-known company that plans events for dogs, to help them give Bella the “Dog’s Best Day” possible.

Bella’s narrative moved the group to provide George his “best day ever.”

Bella had organized a number of enjoyable activities for them to partake in together.

She wanted to show George how much she values his efforts, so she joined him for his favorite activities—eating burgers and playing in the snow.

Photo: YouTube

Bella no longer needs a wheelchair because of George.

She’s thrilled with the independence this affords her, and she and George have become fast friends as a result.

See George have a “Dog’s Best Day” in the video below.

As Bella describes in her own words: “George is joyful and he’s always happy, and he’s always there to cheer you up. He is my best friend.”

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