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Father Who Lost His Son In A Car Accident Dedicates A Sacred Spot—13 Years Later He Finds A Note

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Father Who Lost His Son In A Car Accident Dedicates A Sacred Spot—13 Years Later He Finds A Note

A parent whose son was killed in a car crash has marked a lonely stretch of road with a memorial.

The man would come here by himself every night after dark.

In 2003, a tragic car accident claimed the life of a young guy in Richmond, California. Ray Olson’s son was the child in question.

Ray, torn apart by the tragedy, yearned to build a shrine to his son there.

Upon learning that the site was held by the multi-billion dollar firm Chevron, Ray naturally thought that he would be forbidden from erecting a memorial to his late son on the land.

Ray constructed this place without the landowner’s knowledge or consent.

The man opted to keep this location a secret since he thought nobody would ever hear about it. Ray visited the site of his son’s death every night, haunted by grief.

A ticket in the site of his construction alerting him that something else will be built there was the first sign of activity in nearly 13 years.

Ray, like his son, was sentimental about the location since it served as a tangible reminder of his son.

When he initially heard the message, he was terrified that they were going to demolish the site and take away his one source of solace. But after finishing the message, he was taken aback.

Thirteen years after his son’s death, he never expected the company to erect a fresh memorial there.

The company chipped in to make a fitting tribute for Ray’s son, complete with a large inscription.

On that plaque, it was written that Ray’s kid was the inspiration for the memorial.

In addition to this tremendous act on the company’s part, they also built a bench adjacent to the memorial so that visitors can sit and reflect on the location where Ray’s kid was taken from him too soon.

Joe Lorenz, a representative from Chevron, said that this was Ray’s hiding place and that he no longer needed to visit at night.

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