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Fans Worried Miley Cyrus Is In “Danger” After Spotting Bodyguard’s Tiny Detail At Grammy Awards

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Fans Worried Miley Cyrus Is In “Danger” After Spotting Bodyguard’s Tiny Detail At Grammy Awards

Miley Cyrus had a big night when she won her first Grammy Award.

However, Miley’s success wasn’t the only thing being talked about online this morning. There was also the scary thought that she might have been in danger.

Why? As it turns out, some sharp-eyed internet users think they saw “odd behavior” from her bodyguard, which could mean he was ready for some kind of threat.

At this point, we want to make it clear that there is no proof that Cyrus was in any kind of danger other than what people say they saw in an online video.

However, that clip has gotten so much attention that we can’t ignore it any longer. Okay, here we go.

At the 2024 Grammy Awards, which were held last night (February 4), the video in question was taken on the red carpet. A lot of artists won awards for their work over the past year.

Swift won her fourth Album of the Year award that night, and Celine Dion surprised everyone by showing up as a host. Not only did Miley Cyrus win her first Grammy, but a video that’s going viral on X may be the most talked-about thing about the night for the 31-year-old.

Video of Cyrus on the red carpet at the event has gone viral, as we already said. The eight-second clip of the Wrecking Ball singer walking with her guardian, who is carrying an umbrella, has already been seen 32 million times, which is crazy.

When you look at the movie at first glance, you might not notice much that seems strange. But if you look at what people are saying on X, you’ll understand.

“Fake arm holding umbrella. So arm is under coat presumably with a weapon. Completely unnecessary at the Grammy Awards. This bodyguard is a clown. But in serious environments the fake arm is a common tactic,” one person commented.

“Auto firearm dressed as an umbrella?” another speculated. 

“Pay close attention to Miley Cyrus’s bodyguard in this video at the Grammys all is not as it seems,” a third wrote.

A fourth added: “Did you catch the mysterious moves of Miley Cyrus‘s bodyguard at the Grammys There’s more to the story than meets the eye!“

There were, of course, people who were less suspicious about the whole thing.

“It’s an umbrella weapon to rain lol! Not a gun,” one X user wrote.

Another added: “Miley Cyrus’s bodyguard is either carrying a gun disguised as an umbrella or is wearing a fake arm to disguise his real arm, again for security reasons. Bla, bla, bla. People are going nuts. It was raining. It’s an umbrella.“

“The narrative of a fake arm sounds good but let’s be realistic, it’s Miley Cyrus at the Grammies. This isn’t some world leader and I’m literally staring at his live hand holding an umbrella. It’s his juts him walking like he’s on a runway,” a third said.

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