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A Homeless Woman Gets A Complete Makeover. Better Sit Down Before Seeing Her After

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A Homeless Woman Gets A Complete Makeover. Better Sit Down Before Seeing Her After

Being kind to people and not caring about yourself is not as rare as we might think. There are people all over the world who go out of their way to make other people’s lives better.

As the use of social networks grows, more and more happy stories keep coming out that show how much kindness and giving can change things.

This amazing story happened in Turkey, where a chance meeting between a poor woman named Rita and a kind person named Shafag Novruz turned into a lesson in how to treat others with respect.

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Shafag Novruz is a young professional stylist who does makeup, does hairstyles, and does hair for brides. She met Rita, a poor woman who was living on the streets.

Shafag was shocked by how neglected Rita’s appearance was and felt forced to use her skills and resources to make Rita look and feel better about herself.

Rita had no idea that this event would cause such a huge change in her that it would affect her life forever.

Rita had been living on the streets for years, and the only thing that helped her was thinking about her late son.

She got by by begging for bottles and bags on the streets. Rita wanted to get a job, but she felt like people were judging her based on how she looked.

The story of Rita moved Shafag, and she wanted to help Rita fit back in with society by changing her appearance.

Shafag Novruz’s dedication to Rita’s change went above and beyond what was expected.

At the start of the makeover, Rita went to the doctor. Shafag paid for her surgery to give her the smile she wanted. As part of the change that followed, manicures and pedicures were done. After that came taking care of hair. Rita’s short, damaged hair was smoothed, bleached, and made longer with hair extensions, which made her look bright and girly.

Cosmetics, beauty treatments, waxing, fake eyelashes, and expert makeup applications worked like magic.

In an Instagram post, Shafag praised the people who made the change.

The pictures of the woman before and after make her look almost identical, oozing confidence and beauty. Some might even say Rita looks a lot younger than she is.

Rita wore a beautiful black dress that made her look like a star, hiding the fact that she used to be homeless and living on the streets.

Even the comments on Shafag’s story talked about how powerful this change was.

Some people said that Rita’s eyes were beautiful, and others said that Shafag did a great job.

The amazing change shocked more than just people who use the internet.

It made Rita feel a lot worse about her self-worth. She told him she was thankful and said she felt more beautiful and sure of herself than ever.

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Rita feels good about herself again and is ready to take on the world. Shafag Novruz was very kind to help her out, and she hopes that her new look will help her get a job.

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