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Every Father Should Teach His Son These 8 Crucial Things


Every Father Should Teach His Son These 8 Crucial Things

There is no one like a father. To his son, he is the most powerful being on earth. A son considers his father to be his shield, someone he can always look up to. Someone he believes to be invincible, and impenetrable.

A father can teach his son how to live – something no one else can. A father can teach his son through examples, through experiences, memories that would stand the test of time, and prove to be priceless.

Here are 8 things a son learns from his father, which are invaluable:

Failures are Important Too

It is pretty much given that the son’s first playmate would be his father. Whether it is soccer, baseball, or basketball, it would always begin with his father. This would give them ample time to bond over, and in their friendly little duel, the son would learn the importance of both success and failure. He would learn from his father that failure is important too. For it would keep one grounded and would enable them to analyze their mistakes and learn from them.

How To Behave With A Woman

Considering the present frame of society, it is very important that one learns how to aptly behave with women. In this case, though the son’s mother or his female teachers at school would teach him how to behave from a womanly point of view, it is evident that he would learn from his father the male point of view, something he would relate to because they share the same gender. The father should take his son along with him to a store run by women and the son can learn by example how to properly and decently behave with women.


No one can teach a man how to deal with love better than his own father. The same blood flows through their veins and it is quite prudent that they would both have quite the same experiences. Nevertheless, it’s the father who would teach his son about the ways of the heart, how to be dedicated, loyal, how to know he is in love, and how to deal with a broken heart.

Stand For What is Right

Only a father can teach his son to never back down from a fight. Mothers can be emotional and too caring about their children, but a father would never allow the son to lose face in a fight. He would teach his son what is right or wrong, and how to deal with provocation. He would teach him how to stand for what is right, to fight for respect, and how to steal that respect from others. A father can teach his son bravery and courage. No one else can.

Teach Him The Ways of the World

A son can navigate the world on his feet only when the father teaches him how to. One can never expect to be confident all by themselves, if they have been cocooned for their entire life. A father needs to go trekking, hiking in order to teach him about expenses and also teach him about living and everything that would enable a good life. They might differ in their outlook towards life, but what is needed is a zeal to make the most out of it.

The Masculine Part of Life

Only a father can teach his son how it feels to live like a man. Only a father can teach his son how to fix a light bulb, or light a fire, or fix the shed. All this while, his mother would be out, looking at it in horror, imagining different ways in which her son could be mutilated. But, admit it, these are the best times to spend with one’s father, for this is the bonding that comes with age.

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Domestic Duties

It is not prudent for a son to always look for external help, even when they can do it themselves. This need for help comes from a lack of fatherly advice in childhood. One needs to learn from their father how to iron a shirt, fix a tie, wash clothes, and most of all, cook!

Helping Them Understand Sensations

We have all seen dads throw their kids high up in the air and then catch them, while everyone else looks on with horror. This helps the kid learn more about their surroundings and spatial dislocation. They begin to understand new feelings and sensations, something their mother would never do in a thousand years.

Did your father teach you all these? We certainly hope he did.

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