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Every Empath Will Try To Hide These 10 Things From The World

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Every Empath Will Try To Hide These 10 Things From The World

The world is a difficult place. There is a lot that gets to us and makes us want to give up, but the rule to get through it all is just to keep going for as long as we possibly can.

It gets especially harder for Empaths, who are people who feel other people’s difficulties and sadness on a deeper, more personal level, which is why they hide their empath characteristics.

But if you find someone around you with the following characteristics then they are probably Empaths.

1. They are extremely sensitive

It is probably the defining trait of an empath – it is what makes them an empath. They are affected by the feelings of people around them and are sensitive. By sensitive, I do not mean the usual kind sensitivity. This kind of sensitivity means that they will get affected even if someone they do not know is upset.

2. They need their alone time

Now, it is not difficult to understand that when people are very sensitive, they need to blow off some steam from time to time. It gets really overwhelming for them to feel the despair of so many people at the same time, which is why they need some time all on their own in order to recuperate.

3. They are givers

Empaths are always unfailingly and endlessly kind. They do not just make friendships and relationships, but they give their friends everything they can, without thinking twice. Empaths always put others before them and do everything for the benefit of others, barely ever caring about their own selves.

4. They love hard

Love for them is ultimate. They do not throw the term around because, when they do love someone, it is the kind of love that stays with you for the longest time. Because when empaths love someone, they do not give up on the love or the person ever. It is the kind of love that comes once in a lifetime and you would be a fool to let it go.

5. They are a little scared of relationships

They love hard and they know it, and it is this knowledge that sometimes stops them from getting into an intense relationship because they are scared that their love will not be matched by the person that they are with. It is also a lot to deal with for them, in terms of feelings and emotions, as they would be feeling their partner’s emotions as well.

6. They can tell when they are being lied to

People who are empaths are very receptive. They can tell what is going on in a person’s mind just by talking to them a little, which is why they will always know when the truth is being hidden from them and someone is trying to lie. Chances are that they will not even call you out, but they will know and be hurt.

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7. Their intuition is very strong

Knowing people and understanding them grants them with an impeccable intuition which is seldom ever wrong. All you would have to do is introduce them to someone, and their intuition will tell them what they are really up to.

8. They love nature

Being in and around nature calms an empath. They feel at home and remain truly peaceful. When they have had a draining experience, they like to go into nature, meditate, and recharge themselves for another day in the world.

9. They are introverted

Well, this is one of the foremost characteristics of any and all empaths. They flourish in their own company because, at that moment, they are dealing only with their own feelings and delve deeper into their souls.

10. They are used

It is easy to use empaths and take advantage of them because they will never think of themselves before doing something for someone else, which is why they get played by other people a lot, but the admirable thing is that they still do not give up on people.

Every empath is a gem of a person, a pure soul who means no harm to anybody.

If you know someone who is an empath, remember to give them their space, respect them and, most importantly, never take advantage of them.

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