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Drowning Dog Desperately Hangs On In The Hope Of Being Saved

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Drowning Dog Desperately Hangs On In The Hope Of Being Saved

The mission of Animal Aid Unlimited is to rescue and treat the un-owned street animals of India who have become ill or injured, and through their rescue inspire a community to protect and defend the lives of all animals.

In the video caption, the people from Animal Aid Unlimited wrote:

“We got a call to rescue a dog fighting for her life after falling in a deep well. She may have been swimming for hours before a villager saw her and called our helpline. She was quickly losing her strength and could barely hold on to the sides of the well.”

On the video bellow, you can see the petrified and exhausted dog leaning on the wall of the pit. It’s clear that the dog has been there for couple of hours. It is just so sad to see this scene… helpless dog that is about to drown.

Her paws were bloody from trying to hold on to the sides of the well.

Luckily, the rescue team came to save the dog!

The guy goes down with a rope wrapped around him to try and pull the dog up from this hell pit. The dog immediately came to him, like she knew that this man was the last chance of saving her.

Finally they pulled her up and immediately took her away to check on her health.

At last the dog is rescued, thanks to these amazing people!

Thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited for this inspirational video!

Make sure to check on their Youtube Channel as well!

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