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Doctors Remove Life Support As Family Says Farewell To Newborn. Seconds Later They Can’t Believe Their Eyes

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Doctors Remove Life Support As Family Says Farewell To Newborn. Seconds Later They Can’t Believe Their Eyes

When they said their final goodbye to their newborn, the parents’ hearts broke in half…

Until something weird happened that nobody could explain, not even the parents or the doctors.

Chelsea’s child was born with serious health problems that required him to use a ventilator.

Lisa Hough, Chelsea’s mom, posted a photo of her newborn grandson and explained the agonizing choice her daughter had to make.

Lisa reported that there were many problems with Karson’s birth.

In a Facebook post, Lisa explained that her grandson had been through two shocking experiences that couldn’t be more different from one another.

She went on to say that her newborn grandson had a “hemorrhage in the left temporal lobe” and was diagnosed with Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia, a rare inherited metabolic disease (NKH).

She went on to say that her grandson’s condition is described as life-threatening, and that he will have profound neurological impairment throughout his life, with the best-case scenario having him perform at the level of a 2- to 3-month-old.

After receiving all the facts, Chelsea took the heartbreaking choice to remove her baby from life support.

Chelsea’s mother described in an essay the wrenching final moments with their precious daughter.

They were not prepared to lose Karson, but they accepted that it was happening.

They were advised that Karson would not breathe on his own and that they should expect his heart to stop beating within 10 minutes after they removed intensive care and the ventilator.

Lisa claims that what happens next is a miracle in and of itself.

According to her, God clearly has different intentions for her grandchild. As the ventilator was taken away from Karson, he began breathing normally.

Both his oxygen intake and heart rate normalized.

Karson is officially 1 month old and we celebrated with balloons and snuggles! via Facebook

Despite dire predictions, Karson’s parents discovered their newborn breathing on his own. Karson has opened his eyes a little and is swallowing.

Lisa stated that the physicians had no explanation for the survival of the little fighter, and that the only thing that could explain it was a miracle.

Even though the family is uncertain of how long they will have Karson with them, Lisa remarked on her Facebook page that she had never imagined such a miracle.

After waiting anxiously for a number of days, the parents were finally informed that their new little bundle of joy would soon be returning home. Lisa said she cannot find the words to describe her thanks and that she will thank God for this miracle every time she breathes.

More than 30,000 people responded to Lisa’s initial post proclaiming the fantastic news that Karson survived and is flourishing, showing how much support there was for the trip and the survival of Karson.

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