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Do These 12 Things and You’ll Stay Single for the Rest of Your Life


Do These 12 Things and You’ll Stay Single for the Rest of Your Life

You called your friend to meet you tonight but they refuse saying they have a date. You hang up the phone and start wondering how come all your friends are dating but you can’t seem to have one decent date with someone.

You skim through all the possibilities but it never occurs to you that maybe you are doing something wrong which puts others off. Yes, it does sound harsh but, at times, it is us who needs fixing and voila, your love life is just as interesting as your friend’s!

So, consider if you do these 12 repellent things and then consider rectifying them.

1. You are too demanding

When you ask too much of people, they won’t stick around for long. Have you ever considered that you put too much pressure on the person you start dating? It can be really intimidating for them. No one is perfect and you need to embrace the fact that you need someone who makes you happy. That’s it.

2. You expect too much

The most cliche belief: expectations hurt. It’s very true! When you want it all at once and you aren’t even willing to give it time, you will be disappointed. You expect too much of attention, too much of material things, too much of his time and just too much of everything in the relationship. Don’t ever expect too much regarding the rate at which your relationship is moving.

3. You don’t feel the need to change

You think you are perfect just the way you are. Okay, that’s good and healthy but only if you embrace your flaws. If you think there is nothing you need to change about you, don’t expect to find a man who will be willing to change himself. You’re the other half of the equation.

4. You pick the wrong people

So you have a pool of amazing guys from which you can choose the one you want to date but he turns out to be the wrong guy. And it happens every time you date. The guy isn’t right. It happens. You just tend to pick the wrong kind of guy. Every time.

5. You don’t pick on the cues

Okay, so you go to a party and this super cute guy approaches you, initiates small talk, asks for your number and you don’t understand what’s happening. It is kind of usual… You don’t ever understand if the guy is interested in you and he’s wanting to take things forward.

6. You believe it won’t last

Finally, you go out on a date but you’re constantly thinking to yourself what’s the use, it won’t last anyway. Obviously, it won’t last if you think it won’t! You sabotage your relationship from your own hands. Start being more optimistic about the duration of your relationships.

7. You are too busy pretending

You have to be real and willing to communicate when necessary. Nobody has time for pointless dramas every time. So, if you are upset and he asks you about it, you tell him. You don’t tell him everything is okay and then behave the exact opposite. Nobody puts up with your shit these days.

8. You think love is enough

Love isn’t the only fuel energizing your relationship. It takes a lot more than just love for a relationship to work. You need trust, respect, kindness and honesty as well. They are equally important.

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9. You think you are too old

At times, you think you can’t find true love because the “age” has passed or all the good ones are taken already. It isn’t true. You are never too old to love. In fact, the older you are, better the chances you will pick the right one.

10. You don’t believe in try and error method

How you do you suppose you will find your Mr. Perfect if you don’t go out? Have anyone ever won a lottery without buying one? Obviously not! Plus, don’t expect to find love on the first date. When you go out, go with expectations to know about the person and let things evolve naturally.

11. You believe dating is rocket science

Some of us have developed ridiculous notions about dating. We think we need to be a certain way to attract certain people. Dating, in reality, is quite simple. All you have to be is yourself and let things be. Don’t think too much.

12. You think love is a magical pill

Reality check: it’s not! It isn’t a magical pill which will make things all better as soon as you gulp it down your throat. Love can be magical but it isn’t the only factor affecting your life. You have to get other things right to get your life on track. You have to take responsibility for other happenings.

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